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Women’s Ultimate Guide For Cozy Holiday Season



This year, to ensure your holidays are more focused on logging time at ugly sweater parties and not stressing over your to-do lists, try these simple, festive ways to live your best life this season, from cheap and easy decorating hacks to impossibly cozy clothes that make the season ten times brighter.

Christmas Tree? Ppppfffftttt

While a big, decked-out Christmas tree is truly a sight to behold, it’s also a ton of work to set up. Plus, getting one will probably mean that you’ll still be finding pine needles in your pajamas until summer break — not ideal! As an alternative, throw a bunch of decorations on whatever plant you already have in your room. 

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30 Seconds To Make Treats

Peppermint bark is not only easy to make, but it also looks super impressive. And, it’s way more exciting than cookies or brownies. Seriously, no matter how messy you are, it’s bound to look good. Melt semi-sweet chocolate, pour it onto a sheet of wax paper, and let it dry. Then, melt white chocolate and layer it on top before sprinkling some crushed candy canes all over. Once the chocolate sets, break it up into palm-sized shards and throw a few pieces of your homemade goodies into some small clear plastic bags.

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Staying Cozy Is A Must

Adulting doesn’t have to mean putting on jeans! Cute, matchy-matchy loungewear and outerwear will make you look put together for seeing friends and fam while you’re home for the holidays and still feel as comfy as humanly possible. Because, seriously, when is that ever not the goal?

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5 Top Sunglasses For Runners



Running is a fantastic way to help us stay healthy and is favored by many people because it is easily accessible. You can run anywhere at any time.
Running is also free, which is a big bonus for many people. Running has become the go-to choice to maintain a good level of fitness and to get us outdoors. Though we must not forget that our eyes need protection from the sun.

Oakley Radar Shield Sunglasses

These sunglasses are an upgraded version of Oakley’s classic and exceptionally popular Radar sunglasses. Also offering an even more sporty style, these glasses come equipped with an array of features that will benefit the runner. First, they feature three points to reduce pressure points on your face and head and to ensure a perfectly customized fit. Second, they benefitted from ear socks and nose pad that helps to keep them in place and reduce movements. Third, they block out 100% of UV A, B, and C rays. Lastly, they are ultra lightweight.

Photo Source: Amazon
Photo Source: evanscycles

Nike Vaporwing Elite Sunglasses

Specifically designed for running, these high-performance sunglasses offer everything the modern runner needs. Firstly, the single shield lens gives a minimalist style while providing an uninterrupted view for running experience. Secondly, the sunglasses are non-polarized with mirrored lens for extra protection against scratches and smudges. Lastly, they are also ultra lightweight at only 23 grams.

Photo Source: amazon
Photo Source: soleeyewear

Julbo Aerolite Sunglasses

Designed specifically for women or anyone with a smaller sized face, these sunglasses offer a snug fit with extra cushioning and a 3D nosepiece. The broad lens surface area ensures a wide field of vision and gives 100% protection against UV A, B, and C rays. An added benefit is the anti-fog structure of the glasses and shock resistance. These high-performance sunglasses feature polycarbonate lenses and a rimless design, making them ultra-lightweight.

Photo Source: cinemas93
Photo Source: visio-net

UnderArmour Rival Shield Sunglasses

The sunglasses featured plastic lens that is claimed ten times stronger than the usual polycarbonate lens. Similar in protection to the Julbo Aerolites, these sunglasses will protect your eyes from 100% of the sun’s harmful UV A, B, and C rays. They also offer an identical warranty to the Julbo Aerolites, being protected against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product.

Photo Source: amazon
Photo Source: amazon

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

These virtually indestructible running sunglasses have frames constructed of TR90 thermoplastic, which can bend without breaking. With a polarized and mirror-coated lens, these sunglasses protect against all UV A, B, and C rays as well as filtering out blue light. For a product under $20, the sunglasses offer a lot of features, similar to more costly brand.

Photo Source: improb
Photo Source: youtube
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Fun Things To Do With Your Family On A Spring Break



Spring break is right around the corner. For college students, spring break might be the time to unleash all the wild things you have inside during your semester. But spring break doesn’t have to be a wild occasion where you go crazy with your friends. It can also mean spending time with your family and doing things nicely together. Not only you got to have fun, but spring break with family also means bonding time together over the lost time while you were away at college. That’s why we put together a list for things to do during your spring break with your family.

Beach Time

No place on earth can get you more relaxed than the coast. Bright sun, crashing waves, feet in the sand. Even if the closest beach doesn’t get warm until May, the thought of being in the water will lift your spirit. Even just being near the water will give you hope that summer is coming. So, even if it’s an ocean or just a lake, take your family for the coast and soak all the sun you can get.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Visit National Parks

Find the nearest national park. Something within driving distance that could offer you the feeling of fun and exploration. If you can even find a bigger national park like Grand Canyon, Yosemite, or the Smoky Mountains, that even better. Go out there and show your family that the world is a little more than malls and concrete walls.

Photo Source: azcentral

Backyard Fun

Cannot afford to go to the beach or even visit the national parks? You don’t have to go big to have fun. You can create your own fun in your backyard. Play all different types like frisbee or volleyball. Turn your backyard into a court of a little field where all games are welcome. Think outside the box and create your own unique backyard fun.

Photo Source: Chicago Tribune
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Top 4 Organic Makeup Brands That Safe For Your Skin



If you’re looking to make the switch to organic makeup, good for you! Organic makeup brands have been on the rise lately, but how do they differ from cruelty-free and natural products? According to the USDA. Hence, organic cosmetics are items not created with harsh chemicals and pesticides. Also, they comply with specific organic standards like animal practices and soil quality. “Natural” products. Thus, unfortunately have no standards, or regulations, for labeling if they do not contain meat or eggs. In other words, if you’re looking for a quote-unquote clean beauty brand. Thus, shopping organic makeup brands is your safest bet.

Juice Beauty

(Source: amazon)

Derived from organic fruit, vegetable and plant juices (hence the name). Thus, this brand’s products are packed with nutrients, like this blush. It’s filled with a Juice Beauty moisturizing blend of vegetable glycerin, grapeseed oil. Also, phospholipids that nourish your skin, as well as enhance your cheeks with a buildable, flattering flush.

Shop at: Juice Beauty PHYTO-PIGMENTS Last Looks Blush, $25

Kjaer Weis

(Source: violetgrey)

Now don’t get us wrong, recycling is great, but what’s even better is reducing our waste. That’s why we love organic brand Kjaer Weis, whose motto is “simple but not plain.” Their luxury organic makeup products come in sleek, sustainable packaging, with refillable cartridges. No more wasting product, packaging, or money, these beautiful metal compacts are made to be refilled again, and again, and again!

Shop at: Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Makeup Compact, $56

Bite Beauty

(Source: temptalia)

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a high-impact lipstick from Bite Beauty’s collection is organic. With over 46 diverse shades on Sephora, you’re sure to find new favorites to replace your old chemical-filled lipsticks. Crafted in small batches, these highly-saturated lipsticks are filled with lip-quenching nutrients for soft, cream texture, never cracking lips.

Shop at: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick, $26


(Source: beautycounter)

From light to full coverage, this buildable foundation comes in 10 flexible shades that can match a wide range of skin tones, which means no more buying new shades for the changing of seasons. What makes this product even more special is the brand it comes from. Beautycounter’s line of organic makeup not only makes your skin look great with makeup on, it’s formulated with nourishing compounds to make your skin have a healthy glow when the makeup comes off.

Shop at: Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation, $42

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