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Winter Wedding, Is it Possible?




With more people are opting for summer or fall weddings, doesn’t mean you cannot have a stylish winter wedding. There are a few things you need to consider, though, as winter brings some malicious temperature and some hurdles to consider. The possibility for a snowfall, for one, is important to look at.

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The Dress

As the weather would turn your beautiful self into a purple popsicle, an outdoor wedding might be inappropriate. But, if you do opt out for an outdoor wedding, make sure that your dress can help you fight the cold temperature. Choose a dress which can be worn with a beautiful outer coat but also can stand for itself once the reception is moved indoors.

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The Food

There are no strict rules as what to serve during winter wedding. But, consider the chill weather, warm soup, and hearty comfort food during dinner time might be more appropriate than say, an ice cream for dessert. Spiced cider as the side drink would warm your guests. Another great option? A decked out coffee bar with extras like whipped cream and chocolate shavings will warm everyone up.



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The Decorations

Snow is pretty. Why not bring the snow as part of decoration even though you have an indoor wedding? You can hang garlands of greenery or icicle-like crystals to highlight your dance floor or cake table, and incorporate plenty of candles, pinecones, and glittery details into your centerpieces.

Photo Source: ladiesevents

The Invitation

We know winter season is festive season. But no need to get all exciting and put all the festive mood into the invitations. To keep the wedding invitation elegant, you can add a simple bow, with shiny details for the invitation. A great fan of winter sports? Try incorporating some ski-themed into the invitation.

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Finally, you are ready to prepare your best day in the winter season. Brace yourself, winter is coming will no longer be an appropriate phrase as we just proved winter can also be awesome!

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6 Trendy And Chic Sports Bra That Also Comfortable Too



When it comes to workouts, it doesn’t take a lot to derail a much-needed sweat sesh. Whether it’s a lack of an acceptable hair tie or the allure of post-work cocktails. Hence, if there’s ever been an excuse to skip the gym, I’ve used it.

(Source: health)

Despite my good intentions, there’s only one thing that motivates me to sweat it out: athleisure—and lots of it. Preferably the kind that can take me from spin class to brunch with ease. Enter Addison Bay: A newly-launched activewear site. Thus, features sports bras, leggings, and other quality gym basics from several brands. Therefore, bridge the gap between fashion-forward and functional.

(Source: health)

The new e-commerce site will help gym-goers can shop bras, bottoms, and bags from dozens of activewear brands. Thus, including Alala, Phat Buddha, Montreal London and more. Prices range from $40-$300, and while Addison Bay doesn’t promise that you’ll actually show up to that yoga class. But, the shop’s selection of high-performance sports bras may be all the gym motivation you need.

Onzie Mudra Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

Pair a statement-making cheetah print bra with a basic black bottom or matching leggings.

Shop at: $58;

With Studio Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

Ideal for everyday activities, this sports bra features supportive cross-back straps, a deep neckline, and sweat-wicking material.

Shop At: $58

Noka’oi Huli Ola Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

Rock this retro, color-blocked bra for more low-impact activities like Pilates or yoga.

Shop At: $135

L’Urv My Reflections Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

An abstract black-and-white print adds interest, while compression fabric helps improve circulation mid-workout.

Shop At: $75

925 Fit Sneak Pick Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

An open-weave back makes this striped bra a perfect fit for low impact, high-sweat workouts.

Shop At: $72

Monreal London Jacquard Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

A racerback lends additional support to this bra, which boasts an unexpected pop of pink.

Shop At: $95

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Sexy Spring Fragrants



Spring practically here. Whatever it is you choose to focus on, spring is the season for something new. If you are thinking about updating your fragrance to something sexier for spring, we have just the list for you. Pick your favorite and get spritzing!

Coffee And Sweet Scent

If you like coffee, cupcakes, and flower, then this fragrance is for you. The violet and iris notes add a floral-y feel that is balanced out by its vanilla and coffee notes. The overall effect s sweet with a slight scent of coffee. We have to warn you that it is mildly addictive than your regular caffeine habit.

Photo Soure: Makeupandbeauty

Rose Scent

Unlike most rose scent perfume, this one is not outdated and feel grandma-y. The mix of Damascena and Centifolia roses truly smell like a fresh cut bouquet. So, if you are looking for a classic fragrane without feeling old, this is the perfume for you.

Photo Source: kleo-beaute

Sweet Floral Scent

The bottle itself is already sunny. But if you are not hooked on the sunny, opaque bottle alone, then the juice inside will definitely seal the deal. It’s a mix of red berries, white gardenia, and patchouli. This about this perfume as the whole floral garden in a bottle.

Photo Source: forum.shopdutyfree

Citrus Scent

This here is a rich fragrance. Like you sail through the Mediterranean rich. It has watery notes, citrus note of bergamot and mandarin, also a hint of jasmine and neroli. Basically, it’s like oranges and citruses makes a baby rich.

Photo Source: Aerin
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Best Hair Spray For Everday Use



Hairspray… We love it, we hate it. We need hairspray to keep our hair where it is as we brush it the first time. But, we also hate it as sometimes it makes our hair look like a helmet. Which of course is an eek big time! Most of the modern hairspray, thank goodness, have a formula that makes the hair stay in its place yet continue to be flexible. Though that’s not the case for sometimes. But don’t worry. We have a list of hairspray that is so good for your hair.

Kenra Volume Spray

A reviewer commented that this hair spray can hold on to the hair look as intended without actually making it too straight. Another reviewer even admitted that this hair spray can hold on to the look no matter after snow, humidity, moderate wind, even heat. The hair spray has an average vote of 9.3/10 from reviewers in a beauty website

Photo Source: beautyfirstnebraska

Aveda Control Force Firm Hold

The claim for the brand might be extreme. But reviewer from the same website apparently back the claim. The reviewer said that the hair spray hold some serious holding power. “it does an excellent job of holding a hairstyle and tamping down any frizz,” a reviewer said. Another reviewer said that the hair spray also had the ability to give volume to thinning hair while a frizz crazy reviewer said that the hair spray could hold on to her curly hair quite amazingly.

Photo Source: harveynichols

Joico JoiMist Firm Finishing Spray

Whether it’s raining or shining with heat, this hair spray is claimed to be holding the hairstyle no matter what. One reviewer said that it even hold onto her hairstyle when it was windy out there. Another thing that is a plus from this hair spray is it doesn’t smell like a hair spray does. Aka, it smells amazingly good.

Photo Source: cosmeticsprof

Morrocanoil Luminous Hair Spray

Having a 10.0/10 rating from reviewers, this hair spray apparently is voted the best out there by reviewers. Professional hairstylists and average readers all agree that this hairspray provides a long-lasting hold that makes it worth every penny. Devotees say they’re in love with the hairspray’s smell and appreciate the fact that their hair isn’t sticky after use. The bonus, it keeps your hair shiny and healthy with its formula.

Photo Source: Moojza
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