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Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Soon To Be Mom



When you hit a certain age, your friends will start getting married, have kids, and suddenly you are invited to many baby shower party more than you can manage. Due to the volume of invitations you received, you then start to have a more and more boring idea for the gifts. But don’t worry my friend, here are some unique ideas you can get for your girl friend.

Pretty And Functional Diaper Bag

Think of a waterproof backpack that has extra storage pockets and the insulated lining is a must. But it’s even better in a trendy shade of pink. Now your girl can fulfill her duty as a mom while looking trendy.

Photo Source: Youtube

Super Cute, Versatile Baby Monitor

A baby monitor will give her piece of mind. This time, the baby monitor will not only record video and audio, but also provides two-way wireless talk, functions as a night light, plays lullabies, and more. Think about a more versatile one.

Photo Source: Arlo

Skincare Set For The Mom

Pregnancy can involve many sleepless nights for some future moms. So she’ll appreciate a fancy skincare set that will make tired-looking skin glow. Once in a while bring the goodie for the mom instead of the child.

Photo Source: Ebay Australia

A Pair of Chic Block-Heel Pumps

If she’s had her fair share of swollen feet but is tired of wearing sneakers, a pair of comfortable low-heeled pumps might be right up her alley. Looking chic while being pregnant? Why not.

Photo Source: Pinterest
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6 Summer Trend You Want To Start Collecting Now



I know I know it’s still winter time and summer seems too far away. But hey, why not stock the trend of summer from now on. So, when summer has begun, you already have enough stuffs and not getting outdated. There are so many trends out there for the summer that designers have already hinted. Here on this list, we will unravel just six of them for you.

Tie Dye

Brace yourself. This season trend is totally psychedelic when it comes to prints. Think of the 70s. Major designers like Prada, Stella McCartney, and R13 have all given their proven stamp.

Photo Source: stylecaster
Photo Source: instructables


Designers like Tom Ford and Oscar de la Renta have reworked the classic western detail into an everyday life gear. You can wear a fringe line skirt with white T-shirt for the classic wear. Or try some more subtle fringe on the hem of a Tshirt.

Photo Source: pinterest
Photo Source: lyst

Bike Shorts

Once Chanel has put up this trend in their runway show, that’s it. It is offiial that the bike shorts trend is in again. Either you are a first timer in bike shorts or already a pro, there are so many options to choose from.

Photo Source: fashionista
Photo Source: vogue

Animal Prints

Animal prints are having major comeback thanks to Roberto Cavalli, Burberry, Gucci, and many others. Walk on your wild side with the animal print dress, skirt, even mini skirt. Pair them with basic t-shirt for a classic look.

Photo Source: standard
Photo Source: fashionista

Print Mash Up

Mixed patterns are coming in hot and print clashing is the ultimate power look. Anything from chains, logos, stripes, and dots are all mash-up able.

Photo Source: youtube
Photo Source: thebuzzcutkkids.blogspot

Neon Green

Yup, all the neon colors are here to stay. Especially the color of neon green. Whether it’s for the bikinis, the sportswear, even accessories. Neon green is definitely a color that will outshine other colors.

Photo Source: thecut
Photo Source: amazon
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10 Swimsuit Types You Need To Know



I know summer is still a long way to go. But there is no point in summer if you haven’t prepared for the best bikini and one piece outfit out there. And if you landed on this page, that means you are not sure what kind of swimsuit you need and want. Don’t worry. We got you covered. We will explain one by one the 10 types of swimsuit out there.

Bandeau Top

A bandeau is a strapless top that is straight across. So it’s basically like a tube top but for bikini.

Photo Source: brazilian bikini shop

Triangle Top

This term is pretty straight forward. But in case you’re still not clear, a bikini top with triangles covering each of your boobs is a triangle top! 

Photo Source: surf shop

Underwire Bikini Top

A bikini with underwire is one that kinda looks like a bra and offers a bit more lift and support than one without. They can come padded or unpadded, depending on the coverage you want. Recommended for those with heavy boobs.

Photo Source: medium

One Shoulder Top

This kind of bikini is asymmetrical. Meaning there’s just one strap going over one shoulder, instead of both. I’d say it looks perfect for those who like asymmetrical things.

Photo Source: lyst

Tie-Front Bikini Top

Instead of tying your bikini behind your neck and at your back. These ones tie in the front for an easy on-and-off situation! For those lazies out there, here is your top.

Photo Source: lyst

Sport Top

A two-piece top that looks just like a sports bra works well for swimming laps or generally being very active in the water. So, athletes here is your perfect top.

Photo Source: thecut

High-Neck Bikini

High-neck suits fit closely to the neck and don’t plunge. So, for those who don’t like to see too much cleavage being on display, this top is the one for you.

Photo Source: just beachy shop

Long Line Bikini Top

This cut of suit has a crop top like feel, hitting a little lower on the rib cage than most other bikinis. Again, perfect for those who like more coverage.

Photo Source: youtube

Rash Guards

Rash guards can come in long-sleeve styles or short-sleeve styles and are typically used in sports, like surfing. Nowadays, many people use them instead of or over their regular swim tops to help prevent harmful UV ray damage.

Photo Source: youtube

One Piece

Basically, a suit that covers your top and bottom in just one piece versus two pieces like a regular bikini.

Photo Source: nymag
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Prom Dress That Can Use Not Only For Prom But Any Other Special Occasions Too!!



As winter is giving way to spring (not fast enough IMHO). Hence, your calendar is loading up on special events that require a very special dress. Ahem, prom! I know what you’re thinking: Your wardrobe is already jam-packed with special occasion dresses. Thus, that bridesmaid dress dyed to your older cousin bride’s very particular shade of “eww,”

(Source: youtube)

The uber-trendy dress you wore to a school formal and now is so out. Also, the countless LBDs that you are so bored of wearing time after time with just a different statement necklace. But there is a place between “blah” and “I’ll never wear this again” for prom. And we’re here to show it to you. Hint: It’s at Nordstrom.

Topshop Lace Metallic Dot Maxi Dress

(Source: nordstrom)

Don’t be like everyone else. Stand out in Topshop’s retro-inspired, polka-dot dress at prom. The ruffles and the metallic dots take this upscale if you dress it up with chandelier earrings, glitzy hair accessories, and a red lip.

(Source: nordstrom)

But, once you’ve graduated, you can bring this dress down to day. Also, evening out with sparkle sneakers or sandals, hair down, moto jacket, and a bucket bag. We can see a look like this going to your favorite concert. Would prefer to go strapless? Eliza J has a similar dress that shows off those shoulders. ($180;

Blondie Nites Strapless Satin Skirt Evening Dress

(Source: nordstrom)

Hello, modern Cinderella! The criss-cross side cut-outs add an edge to the ball-gown look of this two-tone dress. Black and blue is such a re-wearable color combo because it works for any season. So, headed to homecoming this fall or even a winter formal?

(Source: nordstrom)

This dress totally works, and you won’t be reusing it with the same group of guests. Plus, the stretchy top can be dressed down. Thus, if you have a tailor take down the skirt to a short and flirty knee-length. Thus, you can wear for nights out with your friends for years. It even comes in a short option, so you can see how it works. ($239;

Show Me Your Mumu Hacienda Convertible Gown

(Source: nordstrom)

Show Me Your Mumu is our latest obsession for dresses you can wear again. This sweet boho gown can be worn as a tube, like in the picture, or on the shoulders. What we love about this brand is that they have sweet and flirty styles that can work as blank canvases; you can wear them however you like.

(Source: nordstrom)

For prom, we love the strapless look with glitzy statement earrings and a pulled-back, polished hairstyle. Hence, inspired by Lili Reinhart on the Golden Globes red carpet. Post-prom, this style is easily dressed down for summer weddings or even day events with sandals and a jean jacket. ($172;

Bronx and Banco Sequin Fit & Flare Dress

(Source: nordstrom)

Everyone can stop looking because we found the perfect party dress. This Bronx and Banco dress will truly sparkle as you twirl around the dance floor with your date, and then you’ll already have the perfect dress in your arsenal for the next New Year’s Eve party or your birthday party when you want to be the center of attention.

(Source: nordstrom)

Trust us, sequins never go out of style—especially for anything around the holiday season. And don’t worry about all those flashing cameras, because though it looks sheer, this floral sequin dress is fully lined. Go ahead and do it for the ’gram. (Again, Eliza J has a similar-but-strapless option.) ($391;

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