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Top 6 Wedding Dessert That Is Not-A-Cake



Dessert is always one of the best parts of a wedding. But lately, couples are proving that the dessert doesn’t necessarily mean a traditional cake.

Whether you’re a nonconformist or just want to supplement your dessert with other yummy treats. Hence, these delicious options will stand out from the wedding cake crowd. From finger foods to mini versions of the classics. Here are six mouthwatering and unconventional wedding desserts that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Mini Pies On A Stick

(Source: Bekicookscakeblog)

Anything you can eat on a stick is an idea we can totally get behind. Therefore, pies of all different flavors, like apple, blueberry, chocolate or banana cream. In addition, it will guarantee there’s something for everyone at your wedding. Like their fun-size portions. In conclusion, allow your guests to try more than one flavor.


(Source: HGTV)

Glazed, frosted or plain old cake, everyone loves a good doughnut. Reach out to a local bakeshop to try and get the freshest, yummiest treats for your reception. Display them on tiers to mimic a multitiered cake, or go for something a little different, like a doughnut wall or mounds of little doughnut holes.

Berry Parfaits

(Source: onewed)

Glazed, frosted or plain old cake, everyone loves a good doughnut. Reach out to a local bakeshop to try and get the freshest, yummiest treats for your reception. Display them on tiers to mimic a multitiered cake, or go for something a little different, like a doughnut wall or mounds of little doughnut holes.

Macaron Tower

(Source: unoriginalmom)

Honestly, we don’t know anyone who doesn’t love macarons. And with the ability to have them made in any color, they’ll be a gorgeous addition to your decor.

Cake Pops

(Source: pinterest)

If you’re looking to serve up something a little more modern but still want to bring in a kind of cake to your reception, go for a tiered cake pop cake. You can color coordinate the pops with your color scheme or create a mild ombre effect—and don’t forget the topper!

Bundt Cakes

(Source: theknot)

Bundt cakes are another great dessert selection because you still get a tasty cake consistency at a very affordable price (the lack of frosting and piping cut down on labor expenses). Place one on each table as a unique centerpiece (giving guests the freedom to cut into each one themselves), or display a few different flavors on a dessert table. Guests are still able to enjoy a spongy cake dessert and you don’t have to go over budget on a decadent cake.

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5 Top Sunglasses For Runners



Running is a fantastic way to help us stay healthy and is favored by many people because it is easily accessible. You can run anywhere at any time.
Running is also free, which is a big bonus for many people. Running has become the go-to choice to maintain a good level of fitness and to get us outdoors. Though we must not forget that our eyes need protection from the sun.

Oakley Radar Shield Sunglasses

These sunglasses are an upgraded version of Oakley’s classic and exceptionally popular Radar sunglasses. Also offering an even more sporty style, these glasses come equipped with an array of features that will benefit the runner. First, they feature three points to reduce pressure points on your face and head and to ensure a perfectly customized fit. Second, they benefitted from ear socks and nose pad that helps to keep them in place and reduce movements. Third, they block out 100% of UV A, B, and C rays. Lastly, they are ultra lightweight.

Photo Source: Amazon
Photo Source: evanscycles

Nike Vaporwing Elite Sunglasses

Specifically designed for running, these high-performance sunglasses offer everything the modern runner needs. Firstly, the single shield lens gives a minimalist style while providing an uninterrupted view for running experience. Secondly, the sunglasses are non-polarized with mirrored lens for extra protection against scratches and smudges. Lastly, they are also ultra lightweight at only 23 grams.

Photo Source: amazon
Photo Source: soleeyewear

Julbo Aerolite Sunglasses

Designed specifically for women or anyone with a smaller sized face, these sunglasses offer a snug fit with extra cushioning and a 3D nosepiece. The broad lens surface area ensures a wide field of vision and gives 100% protection against UV A, B, and C rays. An added benefit is the anti-fog structure of the glasses and shock resistance. These high-performance sunglasses feature polycarbonate lenses and a rimless design, making them ultra-lightweight.

Photo Source: cinemas93
Photo Source: visio-net

UnderArmour Rival Shield Sunglasses

The sunglasses featured plastic lens that is claimed ten times stronger than the usual polycarbonate lens. Similar in protection to the Julbo Aerolites, these sunglasses will protect your eyes from 100% of the sun’s harmful UV A, B, and C rays. They also offer an identical warranty to the Julbo Aerolites, being protected against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product.

Photo Source: amazon
Photo Source: amazon

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

These virtually indestructible running sunglasses have frames constructed of TR90 thermoplastic, which can bend without breaking. With a polarized and mirror-coated lens, these sunglasses protect against all UV A, B, and C rays as well as filtering out blue light. For a product under $20, the sunglasses offer a lot of features, similar to more costly brand.

Photo Source: improb
Photo Source: youtube
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10 Essentials For Your College Dorm Experience



Welcome to college! It is now the time for you to shine and unclipped those wings. The one thing college is for sure is the dorm. Nothing beats the college experience like the dorm. Thinking about what to bring to the dorm can be a little overwhelming. But, don’t worry. With the list below, you will understand perfectly the essential things to bring to make your college experience more dormy. Okay, I make up the last word. But you know what I mean.

A Cute Shower Caddy

Shower caddy is needed to bring your essentials bathroom stuffs. Since most college dorms only have communal shower, that means you will need to bring your bathroom stuffs to the bathroom from your bedroom. This is where a shower caddy is needed.

Photo Source: Hercampus

Bathroom Shoes

Trust me on this one. You will need to bring a pair of waterproof flip flops as bathroom shoes. Communal shower can be pretty icky. That’s where your flip flops come in handy.

Photo Source: Pinterest


Yeah yeah, of course you will need to bring towels. No point in pointing that out. But, why not bring the fresh new ones? You know new college, new experience, new towels.

Photo Source: parachutehome

Over The Door Shoe Rack

It can be a life saver to have an over the door shoe rack. It can hold many shoes, yet save up on those tiny spaces you have. If you can, choose for the transparent materials to make it easier to find the shoes you wanna wear.

Photo Source: amazon

Pretty Comforter Set

Choose a set of comforter that defines you. This will bring just a drop of the true you to the set of drab room of a college dorm.

Photo Source: amazon

Lightweight Sheet Set

First, lightweight means the lack of things to pack. So, you can have a sheet set without having the burden to bring the heavy one. Secondly, again, choose some sheet that defines you.

Photo Source: nymag

Decorative Throw Pillow

Spruce up your bed with help from a textured pillow. Again, find a pillow that defines who you are to help you out of the boredom of a college dorm.

Photo Source: overstock

Minimal Dinnerware Set

Depending on how much cooking you will do, or how the kitchen stitch is. You will most likely not doing a lot of cooking. So a minimum set of dinnerware consist probably of two plates, a bowl and a mug is enough.

Photo Source: nymag

Brand New Silverware

Of course you can’t have dinnerware without silverware. But, it is a good opportunity to buy a new set. Something that is not just a boring silverware.

Photo Source: amazon

Drying Rack

As most college dorms are not equipped with dishwasher, you will need a drying rack to help with the dinnerware and silverware. You know, to dry them up.

Photo Source: amazon
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According To Science, There Is 4 Benefit Of Working in A Standing Desk



Sitting is the new smoking. Has anyone told you that yet? Research shows how a sedentary lifestyle can knock years off our lives. Now, that’s not something pleasing to know. Hence, With our work and lifestyle promoting sedentary living like never before. Therefore, it’s time for a change – which we have in the form of a standing desk. It’s all the rage right now. But is it worth it? How can it make your life better (and longer)?

Can Lower Blood Sugar Levels

(Source: officeinteriors)

Standing desks can improve your metabolism and also increase circulation. Reports suggest how sitting for long periods can elevate blood sugar levels and increase body fat around the waist. Thus, in yet another study, the blood sugar spike reduced by 43% in office workers. Hence, who stood for 180 minutes after lunch when compared to sitting for the same duration.

Can Protect Your Heart

(Source: entrepreneur)

Prolonged sitting has shown to cause a host of diseases, cardiovascular disease being the most prevalent of them. More shockingly, you might still be at risk of heart disease. Thus, even if you perform a good amount of physical activity every day. Hence, especially if the remaining time is spent sitting. Hence, in another study, short-term use of standing workstations had improved cardiometabolic risk parameters in office individuals.

May Treat Back Pain And Improve Posture

(Source: medschoolinsiders)

Back pain is one common problem in almost every office with a sedentary lifestyle. But studies have shown how participants saw improvement in their symptoms after using standing desks. Thus, using a standing desk was also found to reduce upper back and neck pain by as much as 54%. The desk, as per the study, can reduce sitting time and generate other benefits in addition to relieving pain.

Improves Mood And Productivity

(Source: thejournal)

Standing enhances your blood circulation, and this can help stimulate brain activity and improve your mood as a result. When you stand, you are bound to alternate your body weight between your left and right legs. This further improves circulation. Hence, with a better mood, you can also be far more productive. This also means less stress.

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