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Top 4 Quick Fix For Bad Hair Days



Is it a coincidence that just when we need to look our best our locks look their worst? Of course, we could blame decades of chemical treatments, as well as daily heat styling and attempts to turn our locks into what they’re not. Instead of a healthy, glossy and enviable mop, we look in the mirror and find thin, stringy, frizzy, damaged, dry, dull, dyed and fried strands that suck the life out of our fabulous 50-plus faces. Even celebs are not immune to BHD syndrome. Here are 4 new tricks to turn tresses in distress into coiffures of confidence.

A Ruse With Unexpected Color

(Source: peluqueriamdv)

While not for every woman, temporary pastel blues, lavenders and pinks are adding spice to damaged hair. Most of us won’t go so far as Jenny McCarthy’s (top center) blue bob or Lisa Lampanelli’s (right) blue and gray crop, but adding supersubtle candy-color tips like Cindi Lauper’s (bottom center) locks and colorful clip-in extensions like Vivica A. Fox’s (left) top-knot mix add edgy glam fast. For a head-turning one-day or night statement and solution, try a spray-on wash out-with-shampoo temporary color like L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Hair Color Spray ($7, in blue, pink and lavender, or try Splat Instant Color Hair Chalk ($6, and just do the ends or one big streak.

“Equip” A Bang

(Source: Glowsly)

If you already have a fringe the solution is simple (and if not, add them ASAP). Pull the rest up in a ponytail or topknot and let those feathery, brow-grazing face framers do the flattery work, like (from left) Halle Berry, Molly Ringwald, and Linda Evans. Since hair grows about a half inch a month, bangs fatten up first and are always are the healthiest part of your hair. Plus, they give the illusion of more hair and cover a receding hairline. Head for a salon snip today.

Cut it

(Source: latest-hairstyles)

Long damaged hair — especially stringy or broken dry hair — responds to a chop. Book a salon appointment for that day and bring plenty of photos on your mobile to make sure you and your stylist are communicating exactly how far to go. While this is an extreme change, if not now … when? You will be eliminating hair beyond repair and starting fresh. Consider your color, too. Shorter locks could be a good time to start going grayish like (from left) Sharon Stone or taking the drama up a notch for a spiky effect like Gladys Knight or Joan Jett.

Make Your Hair Shiny

(Source: SheerLuxe)

Shiny hair looks healthy. Dry, dull hair requires a once- or twice-weekly deep-conditioning mask to restore hydration. It also deserves the fastest blow-dry to prevent scorching. Upgrade to a dryer that uses tourmaline and ionic technology to shorten drying time with a post-dry cool-shot button for a vibrant glossy look, like (from left) Michelle Yeoh, Lela Rochon, and Bo Derek. A few tone-on-tone discreet highlights also amp up sparkle for any color hair (even gray or white) and keep dark hair colors from looking harsh.

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Top 5 Of Popular Hairstyle In The 2000’s



If you are a hairstyle fanatic, then you’d agree that the star phase of hairstyles has to be undeniably the 2000s! Our brilliant, and sometimes over the top stylists, have invented new and rediscovered old (read… retro) in a stylish manner! This write up will give a sneak peek into the most iconic hairstyles of this decade, which are a must try for you lovelies out there!

The Headbands

(Source: allthinghairs)

The headbands are from the bygone era, but the 2000s put them in the right perspective. They became chic, classy and very urbane. Many stylists combined the headbands with formal wear and we went “oooohhh!!”. The guys drooled and the bosses fell from their chairs…oops, not getting brownie points for this one!

Bang On Eyes

(Source: refinery29)

This style loves straight as well as wavy hair, but some girls who did not have straight hair got them done so that they could get this hairstyle in all its glory. I don’t blame them. It is super chic and a very structured haircut. For those who have lovely eyes and a set of lovely luscious locks, just get it done right now!


(Source: youtube)

This one is the God of Hairstyle. The layer cut creates short to long effect on the hair starting from the front to the back. If this style is not iconic, then nothing is. Best part about it? It was embraced by celebrities and masses alike – that cool it is!

Going Short And Loving Bob

(Source: pophaircuts)

Whoever said girls look good only in long hair never saw the 2000s coming in. The stylish variants of bob cut have been such massive hits that even my mom who worships long hair asked me to get one done! Since this one hit the fashion world, there have been pixie cuts, shoulder length and chin length bobs that have stolen our hearts.

The 2000s Retro

(Source: brinkleybeautyblog)

As much as I hate the authentic retro fashion, I love the re-retro of the 2000s. It has expelled all that was gaudy and brought in all that is vintage. There is a subtlety and statement that retro screams of now. As far as we are concerned – we are super happy with some opulence on our head!

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Top 5 Festive And Fun Hairstyle For Christmas



The turned leaves of autumn have started to fall, and winter is upon us. And with winter comes the most awaited time of the year. Hence, Christmas! Shades of red and green are starting to inundate all. Also, boughs of mistletoe and holly are hung all around. And people have started sporting their ugly Christmas jumpers in all their glory.

(Source: southernliving)

I bet you have already stocked your closet with warm jumpers, cozy boots. Also, cute beanies to wear during this most wonderful time of the year. All that’s left for you to do now is decide what to do with your hair. And I’m here to tell you just that! So, read on to find out our top picks for hairstyles to flaunt this festive season.

Starry Night Half Updo

(Source: instagram)

I’m sure you have a gorgeous dress picked out for your Christmas party. Also, this sparkly hairstyle will complement it beautifully. It’s amazing how some hair stickers can transform a hairdo into something absolutely stunning. This look is bound to make you look like an ethereal being. An angel, perhaps?

Red Bow Bun

(Source: instagram)

Have some satin ribbon left over from your gift wrapping sessions? Put it to good use by sporting this hairstyle! Infuse some Christmas spirit into your simple donut bun. Hence, by tying a satin ribbon bow around it and continue on your way to spreading Christmas cheer all around.

Christmas Wreath Hair Crown

(Source: instagram)

Are you a Christmas wreath enthusiast. Thus, who makes a big deal out of picking the perfect one to hang on your front door every year? Then this look is just for you. This Christmas wreath crown is ridiculously cheap. Also, easy to make and looks gorgeous no matter what the length of your hair is.

Candy Cane Braid

(Source: instagram)

Are you one of those people who consumes copious amounts of candy canes every year on the days leading up to Christmas? Well, now you can flaunt your love for this minty treat through your hair! All you need to do is weave some red and white ribbons into your braid to complete this cutesy look.

French Twisted Wreath

(Source: instagram)

Loved ones huddle together on a cold winter night as everyone gathers together to sing Christmas hymns. The midnight mass is a magical time and I’m sure you want to look your best at it. This French twisted half up look is sure to make you look simple and pretty this festive occasion.

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Top 5 Way To Make Your Hair Look Thicker And Healthier



Every girl dreams to get up with thicker and healthier strands that are perfectly in place. But all our dreams can’t come true, can they? So what can you do to make your hair look thicker and healthier? Well, Fake it until you make it!

(Source: lifecrew)

If you aren’t born naturally with thicker, healthier hair, there are ways to fake it. Check this post to know more!

Be A Combing Queen

(Source: lorealparisusa)

Ditch your paddle brush and pick up a round brush. A paddle brush is meant for sleek and straight blowouts. If you have shorter hair, chose a small to medium barrel, while for longer hair, go with a larger one.

(Source: unileverservices

Pick random sections, hold them, spritz a volumizing spray, and gently tease your strands with a comb in an up-and-down motion. This will help your hair look fuller.

Put Down Your Straightener

(Source: wikipedia)

Straightening and flattening out your hair will give it a thinner look – so put down your flat iron and pick your blow dryer or curling iron to give some volume to your hair.

(Source: bustle)

While opting for the curling iron, let your curls set for 10 minutes and then gently comb through the curls through your fingers, thereby making your hair thicker.

Blow It Away!!

(Source: roadaffair)

A few pro tweaks to your blow drying technique can boost your volume. Blow dry your hair in the direction opposite to the growth pattern. This technique will help in creating more volume and bounce throughout the hair as compared to drying in the normal direction.

(Source: pond5)

TIP: Focus on the root and brush hair up towards the ceiling to get more volume at the crown.

Get A Thickening Spray And / Or Mousse

(Source: bustle)

For an instant root lift, apply mousse to the roots and blow dry upside down. Reach for a volumizing mousse instead of a spray formula to thicken your strands. Apply it to damp hair using your fingers, and then style it as usual. If you’re using a mousse, do not overuse it!

Bring Out Your Rollers

(Source: nbcnews)

Setting your hair with rollers will add volume, body and curls to your hair until the next wash. Set your entire head in four to five jumbo heated rollers, do your entire makeup while they cool down, run your fingers through your curls, and you’re ready to go!

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