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Top 4 Quick Fix For Bad Hair Days



Is it a coincidence that just when we need to look our best our locks look their worst? Of course, we could blame decades of chemical treatments, as well as daily heat styling and attempts to turn our locks into what they’re not. Instead of a healthy, glossy and enviable mop, we look in the mirror and find thin, stringy, frizzy, damaged, dry, dull, dyed and fried strands that suck the life out of our fabulous 50-plus faces. Even celebs are not immune to BHD syndrome. Here are 4 new tricks to turn tresses in distress into coiffures of confidence.

A Ruse With Unexpected Color

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While not for every woman, temporary pastel blues, lavenders and pinks are adding spice to damaged hair. Most of us won’t go so far as Jenny McCarthy’s (top center) blue bob or Lisa Lampanelli’s (right) blue and gray crop, but adding supersubtle candy-color tips like Cindi Lauper’s (bottom center) locks and colorful clip-in extensions like Vivica A. Fox’s (left) top-knot mix add edgy glam fast. For a head-turning one-day or night statement and solution, try a spray-on wash out-with-shampoo temporary color like L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Hair Color Spray ($7, in blue, pink and lavender, or try Splat Instant Color Hair Chalk ($6, and just do the ends or one big streak.

“Equip” A Bang

(Source: Glowsly)

If you already have a fringe the solution is simple (and if not, add them ASAP). Pull the rest up in a ponytail or topknot and let those feathery, brow-grazing face framers do the flattery work, like (from left) Halle Berry, Molly Ringwald, and Linda Evans. Since hair grows about a half inch a month, bangs fatten up first and are always are the healthiest part of your hair. Plus, they give the illusion of more hair and cover a receding hairline. Head for a salon snip today.

Cut it

(Source: latest-hairstyles)

Long damaged hair — especially stringy or broken dry hair — responds to a chop. Book a salon appointment for that day and bring plenty of photos on your mobile to make sure you and your stylist are communicating exactly how far to go. While this is an extreme change, if not now … when? You will be eliminating hair beyond repair and starting fresh. Consider your color, too. Shorter locks could be a good time to start going grayish like (from left) Sharon Stone or taking the drama up a notch for a spiky effect like Gladys Knight or Joan Jett.

Make Your Hair Shiny

(Source: SheerLuxe)

Shiny hair looks healthy. Dry, dull hair requires a once- or twice-weekly deep-conditioning mask to restore hydration. It also deserves the fastest blow-dry to prevent scorching. Upgrade to a dryer that uses tourmaline and ionic technology to shorten drying time with a post-dry cool-shot button for a vibrant glossy look, like (from left) Michelle Yeoh, Lela Rochon, and Bo Derek. A few tone-on-tone discreet highlights also amp up sparkle for any color hair (even gray or white) and keep dark hair colors from looking harsh.

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Top 5 Winter 2018 Hairstyle Trends




When Winter is right around the corner, That is the right times for changes and a new experience. Variations of hairstyles in winter 2018-2019 please us with their diversity. So lovers of experiments will be satisfied — there will be bold colors and shapes in fashion. Besides, there’s also something universal yet trendy for everyone this season: layers, slight negligence, and etc.

Every year millions of stylists and designers strive to create a vivid look with the help of extraordinary solutions. Let’s review the most fashionable haircuts of the autumn/winter season 2018-2019, as well as discuss the key trends in hairstyling!

Natural-Looking Extensions

(Source: hellomagazine)

Hair extension is the answer to girls who have a very thin hair or those who can’t wait to grow it long. They can be clip-in, micro-bead, sew-in, tape-in, or fusion extensions — depending on your hair type and on how long you want to wear them. Follow all the instructions and tips your stylist will give you to keep your new hair looking good: wash it with special shampoos for hair extensions, be sure to use a special conditioner, and, of course, don’t overdry it with a hairdryer.

Warmer Shades

(Source: Pinterest)

You can get warm(look) in the winter by using the warm hair shades. Auburn, caramel, copper, honey, and cinnamon hair tones evoke warm associations and pleasant memories of the sun and summer season. These colors look great on waves and curly hair, and in combination with layered haircuts. Also, with the main auburn undertone, the combination of darker and lighter strands looks awesome and really stylish.

Chocolate Brown

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Chocolate brown can make your eyes brighter, no matter whether they’re green or brown. And depending on the skin color, it can create an excellent play of contrasts or enhance the bronze tone. In general, it’s unique, beautiful, and versatile.

Experiments With Colors

(Source: Curiosity)

If you to do a radical change in your life. So why not start with your hair by adding bright colors and freshness. Holographic, pixel, mermaid, unicorn hair, prints, and patterns — all of these techniques are not only the hottest trends in fall/winter 2018–2019, but also look incredibly interesting, original, and extravagant, giving glamour to any style.

Claw Clips

(Source: hearstapps)

claw clips perhaps things from the past. But, now claw clips for hair is revived by the famous hairstylist Guido Palau in collaboration with the Alexander Wang brand. On the showing of the Alexander Wang autumn/winter, 2018–2019 collection, all the hairstyles were made with the help of these accessories. So, now you can also buy a claw clip or find one at home (on the shelf in your bathroom, for example) and become a real fashionista yourself.

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