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Top 4 Quick Fix For Bad Hair Days



Is it a coincidence that just when we need to look our best our locks look their worst? Of course, we could blame decades of chemical treatments, as well as daily heat styling and attempts to turn our locks into what they’re not. Instead of a healthy, glossy and enviable mop, we look in the mirror and find thin, stringy, frizzy, damaged, dry, dull, dyed and fried strands that suck the life out of our fabulous 50-plus faces. Even celebs are not immune to BHD syndrome. Here are 4 new tricks to turn tresses in distress into coiffures of confidence.

A Ruse With Unexpected Color

(Source: peluqueriamdv)

While not for every woman, temporary pastel blues, lavenders and pinks are adding spice to damaged hair. Most of us won’t go so far as Jenny McCarthy’s (top center) blue bob or Lisa Lampanelli’s (right) blue and gray crop, but adding supersubtle candy-color tips like Cindi Lauper’s (bottom center) locks and colorful clip-in extensions like Vivica A. Fox’s (left) top-knot mix add edgy glam fast. For a head-turning one-day or night statement and solution, try a spray-on wash out-with-shampoo temporary color like L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Hair Color Spray ($7, in blue, pink and lavender, or try Splat Instant Color Hair Chalk ($6, and just do the ends or one big streak.

“Equip” A Bang

(Source: Glowsly)

If you already have a fringe the solution is simple (and if not, add them ASAP). Pull the rest up in a ponytail or topknot and let those feathery, brow-grazing face framers do the flattery work, like (from left) Halle Berry, Molly Ringwald, and Linda Evans. Since hair grows about a half inch a month, bangs fatten up first and are always are the healthiest part of your hair. Plus, they give the illusion of more hair and cover a receding hairline. Head for a salon snip today.

Cut it

(Source: latest-hairstyles)

Long damaged hair — especially stringy or broken dry hair — responds to a chop. Book a salon appointment for that day and bring plenty of photos on your mobile to make sure you and your stylist are communicating exactly how far to go. While this is an extreme change, if not now … when? You will be eliminating hair beyond repair and starting fresh. Consider your color, too. Shorter locks could be a good time to start going grayish like (from left) Sharon Stone or taking the drama up a notch for a spiky effect like Gladys Knight or Joan Jett.

Make Your Hair Shiny

(Source: SheerLuxe)

Shiny hair looks healthy. Dry, dull hair requires a once- or twice-weekly deep-conditioning mask to restore hydration. It also deserves the fastest blow-dry to prevent scorching. Upgrade to a dryer that uses tourmaline and ionic technology to shorten drying time with a post-dry cool-shot button for a vibrant glossy look, like (from left) Michelle Yeoh, Lela Rochon, and Bo Derek. A few tone-on-tone discreet highlights also amp up sparkle for any color hair (even gray or white) and keep dark hair colors from looking harsh.

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5 Spring Hair Trends All Fashion Girls Are Wearing



Somehow, hair is almost always the last thing we remember to do after all the makeup routine. Maybe it is because we can always forgive any bad hair day and transforms it into complacency. But, new hair trend is always interesting to follow even though it can be daunting as well. Trying new looks can be tiresome and time-consuming. The great thing about this spring’s trend is, the less-is-better look is the approach for the hair trend. Buns and ponytails are flourishing, fun accessories are in the spotlight as well. To prove that following the spring’s hair trend is not that hard, continue to scroll through the list below.

Long, Flowy Hair With A Hat

Remember the day when we have a bad hair day and would just put our hair below a baseball cap? Well, this trend is similar to that. You do get to put your hair below a hat. The difference is instead of hiding all of your hair, you got to show your long, and flowy hair. If your hair is already straight naturally, you just need to brush it down and spritz some hairspray to hold the hair and avoid the spritz. But, if your natural hair is anything other than straight, use a flat iron to straighten your hair and then spritz some hairspray.

Photo Source: threeofsomething
Photo Source: pinterest

High Ponytails

How high are the ponytails should be, you ask? Go to Ariana Grande for the role model. Yes, the higher your ponytail is, the better it is. This trend is especially perfect for the hot, sticky weather we will have in summer. The catch on this trend, however, is, this can apply only on long hair. If you have rather shorter hair and want to try this trend, try adding a hair extension.

Photo Source: vogue
Photo Source: youtube

Bobby Pins + Center Part

This trend shows exactly how low maintenance this spring’s hairstyle has been. All you have to do is brush your hair and part them at the center. Afterward, you just use bobby pins to hold your hair behind your ears. Finish the look with some spritz of hairspray. FYI, bobby pin is not a new trend. Together with barrettes, they have been a very popular hair trend. The bonus, bobby pins are very cheap.

Photo Source: kelaskloset
Photo Source: youtube

Slick Back

Again, this hair trend is one of those low maintenance ones. To get this trend done right, all you have to do is brush your hair slick back. To get the wet, tidy look, use some strong hold hairspray to avoid any frizz. This trend is perfect if you are in a hurry. It is effortless, yet very chic, look clean, and put-together.

Photo Source: hollywoodreporter
Photo Source: hairdrome

Low Knot

We have to be honest that low knot is probably the most beloved and popular hair trend so far this spring. All you have to do is brush your hair back, put it in a low ponytail, then just round your hair around the root of the ponytail. Secure the end to the hair scrunchies or for a stronger hold, put some bobby pins. Not only this style looks good, but it also takes only seconds to make and a no-brainer antidote when your hair refuses to cooperate.

Photo Source: anothermag
Photo Source: girlwithfournames
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5 Easiest Way To Get Beach Waves On Short Hair



Beach waves has been one of the most popular hair trends this year. Despite its popularity, the trend seems to be reserved either for celebrity or Instagram influencers with long hair. But, if you thought that your short hair and non-influencers life meant you can’t have the same messy beach waves, you are wrong. Beach waves on short hair is possible as long as you have the patience to test a few different techniques and douse your hair in sea-salt or texturizing sprays. Whether it is using a curling iron, flat iron, a wand, or no-heat at all, below are some easiest ways to get beach waves on your short hair.

Flat Iron

First, using the straightener, fully flat ironing your short hair. Then, section by section, roll your flat iron forwards and backwards down your hair to create a crimped-like wave. Finish the routine with a mist of texturizing spray to add some volume to your hair.

Photo Source: uberliss
Photo Source: allure

Curling Iron

First, starting from the bottom part of your head, curl your hair using the curling iron back forth, little by little. Don’t worry if the curls aren’t perfect. Next, run your fingers in the curls to make sure they are not too curly. Finish curling your entire hair. For the hairline part, always curl your hair toward the outside. After you finish curling your hair, mist some low hold hair spray, just to make sure the curls stay put. After the hair spray is dry, shake your hair loose on the root parts. Lastly, complete the routing with some strong hold hair spray.

Photo Source: amazon
Photo Source: beautyheaven

Wand Curler

This is probably one of the easiest tutorials ever. First, just curl your hair with a one-inch wand section by section on a damp hair. Afterward, rake loose your hair to get the soft waves. If your short hair is too soft and can’t hold a curl, spritz some salt-spray on your damp hair. The dry your hair, blast the roots, and ends the routine with texturizing spray.

Photo Source: dhgate
Photo Source: beautyheaven

No Heat

You might wonder, how one can make beach waves hair without any curling or heating device. Well, the answer is easy, french braids. For those of you who naturally have curly hair, just french braids your entire damp hair, section by section, then sleep on it. But, for you who have straight hair, there is an extra step to do before you french braids your hair. Coat your damp hair with an even layer of sea salt spray to help your waves from falling. Then, sleep on your french braids. In the morning unravel your braids and spritz another salt spray to curb the frizz.

Photo Source: youtube
Photo Source: gq

Flat Iron + Curling Iron

The most difficult part of trying to curl short hair is to wrap the short layers around a curling iron without them slipping off the barrel. But, there is actually a trick for this. Just as other tips, section your hair first. Then, blast each section with texturizing spray. Clamp each section at the middle rather than at the end to get even curls. What differentiate these tips than the rest is, use a flat iron just the end of the waves to get a more natural finish.

Photo Source: nymag
Photo Source: thecut
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10 Hair Color Trends Dominating Mid 2019



We are officially in the middle of the year. Which means, 2019 is not new anymore. Most hair cuts and colors that were trending in the early 2019 are most likely no longer trendy anymore. With Anne Hathaway’s shaggy bob and Camilla Mendes’s shaggy lob, Hollywood has proven that the trend in haircut is changing. And now, a new crop of hair color trend is taking over the Instagram. And spoiler, they are all really good. So, before you go to a hair salon and color your hair whatever color you wanted before, go check the list below.

Living Coral Hair

Living Coral is Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2019. So, it makes sense that the color can be seen everywhere. This shade of coral is way more muted than the classic megawatt color, which looks more natural. The downside of this color is you need to bleach your hair first. Unless, of course, your natural hair is blonde.

Photo Source: metro

Glitch Hair

This trend does look very futuristic. The look combines the colors of the rainbow to make it glitching. If you are not sure with a full-glitch on, ask for multi-colored trend on the underside of your hair to your hair stylist.

Photo Source: dailymotion

Lilac Hair

Lilac color is best described as light purple. This shade starting to gain speed by the end of 2018 but comes in full force recently. Searches for “lilac hair” in Pinterest are up over 1000 percent.

Photo Source: lorealparisusa

Chestnut Brown And Gold Hair

The chestnut color is already a very popular color. But, its trend gets a slight upgrade due to the light highlights. The best part about this color is, it is so easy to maintain. Especially if you are starting with a brown base.

Photo Source: southernliving

Inky Black Hair

No, this isn’t the angsty shade you had during your goth phase in high school. This rich, inky-black is all about the shine. The glossier your hair is, the better it is. Once you have the color, preserving the shade is crucial. So, you better stock up on color-enhancing products.

Photo Source: philadelphiahairsalons

Ash Gray Hair

Ash gray is the best color for those who want a darker in the roots but lighter gray toward the ends.

Photo Source: pinterest

Pastel Pink Hair

It isn’t often that a wearable color hair comes off the runaway. But the pastel hues dotten the Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 runaway may just inspire you to go bold. Models wore all kinds of pastel colors. But it was the soft, cotton-candy pink that stole the show.

Photo Source: pinterest

Baby Blonde Hair

Last year, it was platinum hair that stole the hair color trend. But if you want to switch your platinum hair but doesn’t want to stray away from blonde-ish color, then baby blonde is the right choice. Just make sure to ask your hair stylist to lean toward pale blonde rather than the pure icy to keep it from washing you out.

Photo Source: olready

Chocolate Brown And Copper Hair

This trend is still following the 2018’s obsession with rich, fiery colors. But, the recent trend leans over toward lower-key color. Combining chocolate brown with all over copper highlights.

Photo Source: pinterest

Strawberry Honey Hair

This color is the perfect middle ground between golden blonde and vibrant copper. This creamy shade is the subtle way to dive into a red shade without going straight toward the fire-engine color.

Photo Source: southernliving
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