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The Perfect Dresses Every Girl Must Own



Dress, despite anyone’s personal style is, would always be a staple in a girl’s wardrobe. The thing about a dress is, it is an easy option. You choose one, and you will be done with your outfit. There is no thing as choosing and coordinating your bottom with your top. Not to mention the accessories followed. If you are a girl who loves to wear dress, you are lucky that you might own tons of them in your wardrobe. But for those who don’t necessarily wear dress, you need an ultimate guide on what kind of dresses you have to own so you can choose one for the perfect occasion.

The Velvet Dress

The velvet dress is very popular back in the 90s. There is a reason why it was popular and continue is until now. A velvet dress is timeless. This type of dress might not something you can wear every day. But, having this dress in your wardrobe is like having an arsenal that you can bring out anytime you need to glam up your appearance.

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The Modest Dress

Being sexy might be your thing. But there are times we cannot dress as we want and instead, we have to wear something that covers more of our skin. A modest dress is the type of dress perfect to be worn to a family occasion where your grandma might present. Imagine wearing a plunging neckline to a family barbecue night. That might give your grandparents a heart attack.

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The Linen Dress

Summer is about to come. It is time to invest in summer dresses. A linen dress is a perfect piece to be added to your summer collection. The lightweight material is breezy enough to encounter the summer heat. Wear it with strappy sandals, sunglasses, and a wicker bag for an effortlessly cool look.

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The Romantic Cream Dress

Everyone always says that a little black dress is a must-have item in every girl’s closet. The thing with an LBD is, you can’t wear them for a day event. It will look too formal and weird. This is where the romantic cream dress comes in handy. It is like the equivalent for an LBD for the day occasions. It is versatile, monochrome, and timeless. Pair it with boots for cooler weather and nude strappy sandals for summer.

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The Blazer Dress

This one is rather risky as people might think you accidentally left your apartment without your trousers. But, this dress is a timeless one. You can look cool and sexy, yet still formal enough for business. I call this one a sexy business. Wear the dress with flats for the day and pointed pumps for evening.

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5 Massive Trends That Are Dying In 2019



We all know that trends are going out and in of the fashion industry every day. People are looking at the fashion magazines and blogs, searching for the newest trend and what trends are dying. and that’s what we are trying to deliver through this article. There are massive trends that were very popular years ago, yet they are dying this year. Trend like cropped flare jeans, bomber jackets, and crossbody bags. But just like any trend in the fashion industry, one dying trend means the go for another trend. Keep reading below to find out which trend is dying and what replaced them.

Cropped Flare Jeans

Everyone has a pair of cropped flare jeans. That’s how big the trend was. But, this trend is, unfortunately, dying in 2019. The trend is replaced with looser and longer fit jeans like those trendy in the 90s. If you take a look at the street style fashion nowadays, you will see fashion girls having baggier fits and 90s straight legs jeans.

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Bomber Jackets

This is one of the trends that has filled up every celebrity’s gallery. We have worn them with jeans, leggings, even skirts. Despite the huge trend, however, it is time for the bomber jacket to give out its place to another trend, utility jacket. The new trend is reigning supreme in the fashion industry, especially the belted silhouettes in every material from denim to faux fur.

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Crossbody Bags

As much as we appreciate the popular crossbody bags, it is the time for another trend to take the reign. Since Prada releasing their Sidonie Bag, cropped shoulder bags have been taking the first place for bag trend.

Photo Source: era81
Photo Source: harveynichols

Tiny Sunglasses

Many people weren’t a fan of tiny sunglasses, including me. Which is why, when tiny sunglasses are pronounced dead in the fashion, many are happy. Especially to know that what replaces them are oversized, retro shapes sunglasses. Yes, the 70s sunglasses are back in the market y’all.

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Pool Slides

For the last few years, the fashion industry has been flooded with ugly sandals trend, including pool slides sandals. With summer is coming in, another ugly sandals trend are replacing the pool slides trend. This year, it’s sporty sandals like Teva and Birkenstock that are trending hard. For those who wish that the ugly shoe trend would disappear, well sorry for the disappointment.

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How To Make A Statement With Your Appearance



There is nothing more important than being comfortable. But sometimes, that comfort must be replaced with something more prominent if the occasion required. By playing dress up, I don’t mean that you have to wait for a black-tie event to wear your favorite dress. There are ways to look standout without actually putting on a formal dress for a formal event. Even when you leave for work or having a girls’ night out, you can still look dress up. Below are the five outfits you can try that will make you instantly feel fabulous.

The Matching Two Piece

If you work in a place that rather has quite a strict formal dress code, or simply going to a lunch business, then this matching two pieces is perfect. It can be your regular suit, your regular skirt-blazer options, or simply two pieces of clothing that have a similar color thrown together.

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Dress Up With Sequin

Embrace your inner goddess and dress yourself up with sequins. There are two options you can take. First, you can go all the way with sequins by wearing a full-length dress. Or second, you can dress it down by pairing the skirt or dress with a loose, casual sweater or even white tee. Pair the look with flat shoes or strappy high heels for a more formal occasion.

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Red Lip

There is a way to cheat and continue to look polished even when you left your arsenals at home. That is the so-called red lipstick. A slick of a bold, red lippy is the perfect way to dress up without overdoing it. This especially will work out well if you are not sure what kind of event you are going to go and you are afraid of making an outfit mistake.

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Thigh High Boots

These type of boots are part sexy and part cool. Pair them with a mini dress or a mini skirt for a sexier look. Yes, sometimes a slight show of skin is much sexier than a whole lot. The down thing about this outfit is you can only wear them when the weather is permissible to wear rather a short bottom. But even if the weather is slightly chilly, I’d say this ensemble is worth it.

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One Color Plan

No, I’m not talking about a pair of suit. I’m simply talking about a top and a bottom that are fortunately having the same color. The great thing about same-color outfits are despite the type of the top and the bottom, you will always look intentionally put-together.

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Ways To Make Regular Jeans And Tops Look More Interesting



Jeans have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. It is so regular that some women feel that a mere pair of jeans and tops are no longer interesting, or too plain. Yet, as jeans are the easiest and safest choice, people are cutting their creativity shorts when it comes to what outfit can replace them. To answer the burning questions regarding what can be done to be more creative when it comes to jeans, there are two alternatives. First, is to replace the jeans with some other apple to apple wardrobes. Second, dig deeper into the choice of the jeans and tops.

Replace Your Regular Jeans With Other Types

There are many types of jeans in this world. Some people, however, tend to have only one type that is the most comfortable for them. I, for one, prefer to wear skinny jeans and guilty as charged in wearing them more than another type of jeans. If you have the same tendency as me, it is time to let go of that one special jeans. Instead, embrace the idea of the forgotten type of jeans such as mid-rise, straight or wide leg jeans. The idea is to be able to wear them with flats. Therefore, make sure that the jeans are not sweeping across the floor. Avoid cropped jeans as they are still on the rise as popular type this season.

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Wear Collarless Button Down Shirt Or Blouse

If you are looking for a business casual look, the very first thing we often choose as the top would be button down shirt. This look, despite its practicality, I must say is very boring. Instead of the usual button down shirt, opt out for collarless one or crew neck blouse. The changes might quite simple. But I can assure you that this simple change will go long in giving you a fresh look.

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Change That Chain And Pendant Necklace

Just like there are many type of jeans in this world, there are also many types of necklaces. The most popular one is of course the regular chain and pendant type. But for once go out there and buy other types of necklaces. I suggest more casual ones such as strand of beads or pearl, or linked of gold-finished chain. If you want to look different, hit the imported store and purchase some exotic necklaces which often are one of a kind.

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Layer The Top

If there is one idea we don’t exercise often is layering our top. This simple action can go along the way in changing our look entirely. For example, if you are thinking big, try to top a plain t-shirt with a midi dress which will bring the hippy out of you. A dress is too much? Try a dyed shirt as an inner of a tweed jacket. Something rather odd yet thrilling as I must say. Pairing a very casual t-shirt with an old professor jacket.

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End The Look With Unusual Choice Of Shoes

With a pair of jeans, the usual go-to shoes would most likely are flats, sneakers, or boots. For once, try to undergo the usual and instead opt for something riskier such as mules. Yeah yeah, I know you are thinking what the hell is a pair of mule as an option. This is not a cocktail party. Well, you will be more surprising if I say that the type of mules I recommended is even more specific, kitten mule thongs. I’ve told you I’ll go unusual for the choice of shoes.

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