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Step by Step On How To Organize Your Beauty Products



Figuring out how to organize your beauty products is no small feat. Thus, least of all because everyone has different collection sizes and storage opportunities. Beauty product collections run the gamut from a essentials-only kit to an abundance of creams, mists, brushes, and more. Therefore, so there is no one-size fits all answer for how to organize your beauty products.

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Fortunately, there are ways to make every beauty product mess more manageable, and over the years. Therefore Femagz has written about almost all of them. Our best-ever tips for how to organize your beauty products. Therefore,  can help you cut down on clutter and streamline your morning routine. Hence, all in an As with any good you’ll need to start your beauty collection clean-up with an old-fashioned purge.

Clean Out Your Beauty Collection

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First, take every beauty product you have out of its drawer, bin, cabinet, etc. (Yes, that includes the items you keep in the shower.) Spread them out and get rid of duplicates—you really don’t need five gray eyeliner pencils—expired items. And products you never use. Also, including those that have gone out of style.

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Set a limit for how many of a single kind of item—body lotions, eyeliners, mascaras, etc.—you’re allowed to keep. Base this off how often you use each product and how much space you have. If nail polishes are your passion, keep all the bottles that are still good to use … but maybe promise yourself you’ll practice a one-in, one-out rule from now on.

Sort Your Make Up Based On How Often You Use It

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Once you’ve pared down your collection, the next step for how to organize your beauty products is to separate the items you use every day from the items you use only occasionally.

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The top-notch products you save for date night can be stored in a pouch or bin, so they’re all together; travel toiletries should be kept apart, as well, so you don’t need to dig through everything the next time you’re packing.

Consider Your Space

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Next, take a hard, honest look at how much space you really have. Do you have one shelf in a bathroom you share with your roommates, and the rest of your beauty products live in your bedroom? Do you have a massive vanity all to yourself? Adjust how many items you keep in your everyday pile and your specialty pile accordingly.

Set Up Your Space Up

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It’s time to put everything in its new home. Arrange the items you use every day front and center, on a pretty tray on the counter or in an organizer that keeps bottles and brushes upright on a shelf (in a medicine cabinet or otherwise).

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In drawers, if you have them, use clear, shallow trays to corral small items, always keeping like with like (think hair ties and clips in one, nail tools in another). Layer these trays within the drawer to make the most of your space; you’ll be able to see through to the bottom to easily find whatever it is you’re looking for.

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By giving every item a defined storage space—a home, in —you ensure your countertop won’t become a huge, cluttered drop zone. Consider your beauty products organized.

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17+ Tending Work and Office Outfits Ideas For Women in 2020



When we’re getting ready for work in the morning. Hence, our minds are usually racing with thoughts about upcoming deadlines, meetings, and projects. And in the meantime, we’re tasked with picking out the right ensemble to get the job done with confidence. Therefore, no matter how much you love fashion or how awesome your wardrobe is. Hence, there are always going to be days. And even weeklong stretches, when you just stand in front of your closet with a blank look. Thus, wondering what you should wear.


Fortunately, this is not going to be one of those weeks. Hence, since the internet is constantly brimming with a fresh batch of work outfit ideas. Therefore, thanks to the constant cycle of fashion weeks. And there’s no better place to look for style inspiration. Hence, then on the streets of London, Milan, New York, and Paris in between shows.


With this in mind, we rounded up our favorite office-approved looks to take note of. Rest assured, each outfit formula hits the style trifecta: Aside from being physically comfortable, you’ll be taken seriously professionally and feel confident. To make your mornings a little easier (and your office a lot more stylish), peruse these work outfit ideas.

The Casual Business Office Look


It’s the easiest, and it basically translates to jeans office wear. The TIP is to always pair casual work outfits with heels, a very smart/feminine top (think silky blouse, men-shirts, structured tops), a blazer and a professional bag. Have fun with accessories and even shoes and bags depending on your job.

The Classic Look


Probably the most common and easiest way to dress for the office and nail the wear to work situation, this work outfit is perfect for all jobs. But it’s also the most likely to get you looking boring. Hence, unless you remember this ONE TIP: always wear a statement piece, or add a fun item to your look (shoes, bag, jewellery, watch, lips, nails. It’s all in the details.).

Glamorous at the Office


This office outfit is for all those sexy women who also run the world. But prefer to do it in glam office attire: bright lips, sky-high heels and office outfits that can go from 9 am to late dinner cocktails. The TIP: fabulous heels, expensive perfumes, rich fabrics, pencil skirts, and silky blouses, long trousers, statement golden necklaces, brand watches and massive bags or clutches. These ladies are not afraid to flaunt it all.

Careless Chic


A look for those who’ve got slightly more penchant for fashion and ladies office wear, but look like they don’t give a crap, yet, to the trained eye they’re street-style-worthy. The TIP: clash different style items, play with shapes (slouchy versus fitted), with looks (feminine and masculine). Heels look best with this style, yet brogues or oxfords do the trick as well.

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17+ Fashion Trends In Spring 2020



Let’s take our minds off puffer jackets and snow boots for a second to talk spring. Hence, I know it’s hard to fathom breezy dresses and sandals. Thus, when most of us are still bundled up from head to toe. But, we’re choosing to look on the brighter (warmer?) side.


So fast forward a few months and what do you get? The best spring/summer trends of 2020. It helps to know what will be popular. So, you can prep your shopping list in advance or shop it now. Therefore, we provided “get the look” options too. Hence, before everyone else starts wearing the items.


Knowledge is power and with the trend info ahead, you’ll be the most fashionable, smartest dresser in your friend group. Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and start reading.

Topless Times

Before you cover your eyes and cringe at the idea of literally wearing a bra as a top, hear us out. While, yes, we saw many designers such as Loewe and Olivier Theyskens display bras that looked more like contents of a negligee drawer and less like tops, we saw the opposite as well thanks to satin bra tops at Givenchy and kitschy co-ord sets at Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Style yours under a blazer or as a top all of its own. Either way, this is one trend we’re daring you to dabble in this season.

Sultry Slips


We know, we know—slip dresses are nothing new, and by now you probably own at least three in various colors, but this spring, we’re seeing a more literal take of the chemise work its way into everyday looks. We’re talking all the lace and colors that read a bit more boudoir (i.e., soft pinks, whites, and nudes) and a lot less street style. But that’s what we love about this fresh take on the familiar dress for spring.

The 3-Piece


The addition of a tailored waistcoat is the spring 2020 update we were looking for amid the recurring suiting trend. We also saw these tailored vests make a strong name for themselves as an individual trend (so be sure to keep an eye out for them), but it was the three-piece suit that stood out the most.

Business Casual


If you’re more of a “limbs out” kind of gal, then this next take on the suit is for you. Remember Bermuda shorts? Well, they are back and were spotted all over the runways showcasing a more casual take on the business-ready trend. Similar to vests, we saw longer shorts of all kinds appear on the runway as a trend on their own, further proving the importance of the shorts movement this spring. From Tibi’s cool-girl take to Givenchy’s office- and night out–ready ensemble, this is one major trend to watch this season.

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16+ Best Busy Woman Hairstyle



Between work meetings, school parents’ evening and that party you’d forgotten about, taking time to style your hair drops down the priority list rapidly.


Just because your schedule is bursting doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your coif. These quick yet stylish hairstyles can be done in less than 10 minutes and are guaranteed to work as hard as you do.

Easier Than It Looks Up-Do


Look at this up-do… looks gorgeous, right? But just like the name says, it is totally easier than it looks. Get some great tips from The Small Things Blog on how to create a gorgeous look really quick!

Elegant Pulled Back Do


Want to keep your hair out of your face but still look sophisticated? A great hair-do for an active woman! How easy is this?? Check out this and 5 more easy do’s for active women from Refinery 29.

Messy Braided Bun


I just stumbled upon a treasure. The Small Things Blog has a plethora of cute hairstyles with tutorials to boot!! I love messy buns, but braids definitely make it a little more fun!

Messy Fishtail Braid


I’ve never been able to pull off the messy hairstyles because I’m too OCD to do a messy style on purpose! However, I’m loving how beautiful this fishtail braid is! There is definitely beauty in imperfection.

French Braid Pony Tail


You can probably tell that I love the use of braids to make a look more exciting and sophisticated! This is a great tutorial from Missy-Sue on how to get the perfect French Braid Pony Tail.

Easy Headband Up-Do


Super easy headband up-do. This one is perfect for hot summer days and especially great for the second or third day! Tutorial from Moda Mama. Check it out!

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