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Must Watch Movies In 2018



2018 was full of super kick ass movies. And I mean that literally and figuratively. There are so many good movies, even the academy I’m sure, was too confused to choose to be the winner. In case you haven’t watch some of the must watch movies, here we give you a list of the movies you have to watch before the year ends.

Black Panther

Yeah, me too. For those of you who haven’t watch the movies, it is one of the movie series in Marvel cinema. Taking place in the imaginary country in Africa called Wakanda. Supposedly the poorest country in the world, Wakanda hides its lux behind magical technology. The cast is excellent, the directing is on point, and the message cannot be missed. Wakanda forever!

Photo Source: transmitterparkorg

A Quiet Place

What happens when a supernatural entity can’t hunt you unless it can hear you? You stay completely quiet. And so the premise of this movie, which follows a family that has learned to stay fully silent in their home. The film stars real-life husband and wife Emily Blunt and John Krasinski (who also directs).

Photo Source: youtube

Deadpool 2

Hell yeah, my favorite R-rated movie is on the list! 
There isn’t a ton of information available about the plot, but the sequel introduces X-Men character Cable (played by Josh Brolin) — and it doesn’t look like the guys get along.The writing of this movie, I must say, is perfection.

Photo Source: Fox Movies


A family dealing with the aftermath of a matriarch’s death is scary enough. Until creepy things begin to happen to Toni Collette and company. Still thinking about what’s real and what’s in your/their head, aren’t you?

Photo Source: Geeky Tyrant

Set It Up

I know it’s rather different than movies above. But hear the plot out. Two assistants devise a grand plan to set up their bosses have more free time for themselves in this romantic comedy that has plenty of throwbacks to the genre.

Photo Source: The Weekly Spoon

Crazy Rich Asians

Following the story of an American professor who follows her boyfriend to go home to Singapore only to discover the boyfriend comes from a very wealthy family. Sounds like a dream comes true? Well, not necessarily here. I’m not gonna spoil more. Just get ready to shed some tears at the end.

Photo Source: Central Florida Post
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Must Have Songs In Your Running Playlist



Whether you are a beginner or a pro, running is always challenging as you have to race against your own body, competing against your own time and endurance. A killer playlist, however, will help you get through the extra mile you needed. You need high-energy songs to get you started. Next is hardcore, bass heavy bops to keep you in rhythm. Move on is angry songs for the difficult times, then all times favorites as you are cooling down. Here are 5 songs you can put into your playlist.

Party For One by Carly Rae Jepsen

This song is a good song to start your running routine. As you nodded along Carly Rae , you can start your stretches and get your mood into running mode.

Photo Source: Youtube

Girls Like You by Maroon 5

Another great song to start your running mood. Other than being a great song to stretch you up, this song is also a good song to get with your inner goddess and feel like a badass.

Photo Source: Billboard

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

As you got into the middle section of your running course, you will need a great song, heavy with bass as this one. As the course is getting more and more difficult, Kelly Clarkson will remind you that what doesn’t kill you make you stronger and force you to get on.

Photo Source: Youtube

Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

Now, this comes the angry song. A song to channel how pissed you are that your body constantly needs to exercise. Look what you made me do, my body. But as you are getting to the end of the song, the closer you are to the finish line.

Photo Source: Youtube

Hair by Little Mix

Who doesn’t love this song, seriously? Now, after the hard work is done. You are rewarded to cooling down with the world’s favorite song.

Photo Source: izlesene
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5 Best Songs For A Workout Session



Photo Source: Oxygenmag

In a world with millions of perfectly reasonable excuses to ditch the gym, there is one guaranteed way to stay motivated: a bomb ass workout playlist. Next time you catch yourself thinking it’s okay to miss a sweat sesh because you forgot to bring a hair elastic, throw on any of these songs to get your booty moving.

Power By Little Mix And Stromzy

If you’re looking for a girl power anthem that will make you feel like an absolute machine at the gym, look no further. Power is the ideal song to listen to in the last leg of your workout. When you need a little extra oomph to get through it.

Photo Source: Youtube

Bootylicious By Destiny’s Child

This is the ULTIMATE workout song. Destiny’s Child created all of the body anthems we grew up on, and we are forever indebted. How are you supposed to reach bootylicious status without this vibe?

Photo Source: Youtube

Solo By Clean Bandit And Demi Lovato

A breakup song that is also a perfect power gym bop? Say no more! We are here ready to kick any ass (an ex-boyfriend’s would be better). Just saying.

Photo Source: Youtube

Taki Taki by DJ Snake, Cardi B, Selena Gomez, And Ozuna

Picture this: It’s your first time back at the gym in weeks (months? I’m not judgin’), and you’re contemplating leaving early. Suddenly, you hear Cardi B growl “but I’m a boss bitch,” and your fatigue is CURED.

Photo Source: Billboard

The Light is Coming by Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj

If Side to Side by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj has been your stationary bike staple since 2016, you’re definitely going to want to throw The Light is Coming into the mix. This song will prob inspire you to get a ponytail extension and whip it around while you’re working the pedals.

Photo Source: Billboard
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The Ultimate Action Movies in 2018 So Far



The cinema loves everything exploding, people stabbed on each other, and people apparently running away from things. Despite the range of fiery, computer-generated explosions on display at your local multiplex, this is a peculiar historical moment for the action movie genre. Hopefully, the list below will make the task of keeping up with what’s new (and good!) manageable.


Tom Hardy is a magician. Playing both Eddie Brock, a San Francisco-based activist-journalist who works for a VICE-like outlet, and the titular Venom, a (very hungry) Symbiote creature with a giant tongue, Hardy infects every scene with Brando-ey tics and Looney Tunes physical comedy. 

Photo Source: screengeek


The script for the 1980s-set Beirut, which follows a former US diplomat (Hamm) as he gets pulled back to Lebanon by shady intelligence officials to handle a tense hostage situation, was actually written in the early ’90s and sat on the shelf for ages. The film’s politics are often glib and reductive. But, if you like spycraft stories in the vein of John le Carré’s work, this is a briskly paced, occasionally clever thriller featuring a winning performance from Hamm.

Photo Source: Youtube

The Commuter

A mystery that begins with Farmiga’s chatty passenger Joanna presenting Neeson’s haggard ex-cop, Michael MacCauley with a bizarre hypothetical: If you could perform a seemingly insignificant task that would have disastrous consequences for another commuter in exchange for a generous financial reward, would you do it?

Photo Source: Youtube

Mission Impossible: Fallout

The movie might not be the best entry in super spy movies genre. But, it has a keen sense of history, a wry sense of humor, and a handful of breath-taking set pieces. McQuarrie, the first director to return for a second M:I adventure after handling 2015’s Rogue Nation, is a skilled action craftsman, and, despite a 147 minute runtime, Fallout never loses momentum. It sends you hurtling out of the theater in search of similar highs.

Photo Source: flodest


Mandy features Nicolas Cage doing the following things: guzzling booze straight from the bottle, snorting coke off a shard of broken glass, and lighting a cigarette with a flaming severed head. Cosmatos casts Cage as Red, a lumberjack living in the Pacific Northwest circa 1983. When his beloved wife Mandy (Riseborough) is murdered by a Manson-like cult and some mutant bikers, Red sets off on a path to revenge.

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