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Easy 4 Steps To Applying Leg Makeup



Most people know that concealers and foundation can work miracles to cover up blemishes and dark spots on your face. But, did you ever consider using makeup elsewhere on your body — like your legs?. More than 20 percent of Americans have varicose veins, and many more let scars, freckles. Also, other insecurities dictate their wardrobes to hide unsightly flaws on the skin.

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But there is an option that’s better than wearing long pants every month of the year: body makeup. Hence, it’s a thicker version of the traditional foundation that you use on your face. In fact, it’s made to be applied everywhere except your face. Except for arms, stomach, back and of course legs. And, while face makeup is marketed mainly to women. Thus, body makeup is used by both men and women to cover up veins, cuts, scars, bruises and even tattoos.

Prime The Surface

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The first step to applying body makeup on your legs is to prep the skin’s surface. While you might put a moisturizer on your face before using your foundation. Thus, there is more involved in priming your legs. A smooth surface is essential. To create the smoothest legs possible, you should exfoliate, shave, cleanse and moisturize. (Men may want to skip shaving.)

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For those trying to cover up scars, veins or other blemishes with raised surfaces. Hence, adding a gel or cream primer after applying moisturizer will help even out the surface. And further hide these imperfections. Although it’s similar to applying face makeup, body makeup requires different types of brushes and tools. Learn more about those tools next.

Apply Makeup

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The skin on your face is much thinner than the skin on other areas of your body, particularly your legs,, which is why body makeup is thicker than face makeup. If you want the best coverage for flawless looking legs, it’s important to use the right makeup. While there are brands that make one makeup for “body and face,in Thus, you probably won’t get the coverage for your legs from a makeup made just for faces.

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After you’ve prepped your skin and applied a primer, it’s time for the makeup. Most body makeup is cream based. You should treat this just like a foundation for your face. There are also a few brands that make an airbrush body makeup that you simply spray on.

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If the cream or aerosol base doesn’t offer the amount of coverage you were hoping for. Therefore,  you can apply a concealer with a brush next. The brush and amount of concealer should be equal to what you want to cover. Try to put the concealer just on the imperfection. And then feather it out away from the blemish with the brush to blend.

Finish With Powder

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Much like when you apply makeup to your face, it’s best to finish applying body makeup with a powder to set everything. It might seem odd to put powder makeup on your legs. But, it will help preserve all of the hard work you put in covering your imperfections. Not only that, but it will continue to help blend the makeup to match your skin tone. Powder should be purchased in a color that matches your base foundation, as well as your skin tone. You can get away with a slightly darker base and powder on your legs if your arms are tan. Just make sure to not go any darker than your arms.

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In addition to helping set your makeup, applying a powder at the end will also help protect your clothes, because it prevents the makeup from smudging and possibly staining your pants or skirt. More on that next.

Leave Time To Dry

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Finally, it’s important to let the makeup dry before your put on your clothes. This is essential, not only to prevent the makeup from staining your clothes, but also to ensure the makeup stays on your legs. If you get dressed before the makeup is dry, you might ruin all of the hard work you put in, especially if you applied concealer to a particularly pronounced scar or vein.

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Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends



Is your winter wardrobe giving you a serious case of the blahs? We have just the antidote to your dressing doldrums: Spring 2019. Just because the weather isn’t screaming “closet overhaul” doesn’t mean you can’t get a jump start on next season’s hottest clothing trends. So, what are you waiting for?


(Source: asos)

A pale palette doesn’t have to read Easter or wait for spring’s arrival. Softer colors in cooler styles will look fashion forward instead of overly girly. Brushstrokes and a midi length add edge to the seafoam shade of this pleated ASOS Design skirt. So, go ahead, embrace lavender, blush (yes, it’s still going strong), baby blue, mint and more.
ASOS Design Pleated Midi Skirt in Brush Stroke Print, $40


(Source: nordstrom)

From cargo pockets to full-on workwear-inspired jumpsuits, utilitarian is a must-have trend for spring 2019. Want a more feminine spin? Opt for this olive Topshop utility shirtdress with a waist-defining belt. The overall style is the epitome of fashion meets function and, really, who can complain about having an extra place (or three) to stash a phone and lipstick?
Topshop Utility Shirtdress, $75


(Source: jcrew)

Nothing says sunny quite like yellow. Perk up your wardrobe with the golden hue, stat, with this J.Crew burnished citron long-sleeve sweater in oh-so-versatile cashmere, and spring will seem that much closer. Plus, with neon being another heavy-hitter for spring, there’s not such thing as too bright. So, whether you go mellow or hello!, you’ll be on trend in 2019.
J.Crew Long-Sleeve Everyday Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, $98;


(Source: asos)

Polka-dots don’t have to read Minnie Mouse. Temper the kitsch of this circular pattern with a streamlined cut or by wearing the print in moderation. Pro tip: The smaller the dot, the less Halloween-like it will look, as is the case with this ASOS JDY dot-print tie-waist midi dress featuring spots of differing colors and sizes. Just throw on a cardigan and you’re good to go.
JDY Dot Print Tie Waist Midi Dress, $40;

Au Naturel

(Source: asos)

Neutral colors are a huge trend for spring 2019 and super easy to incorporate into your fashion repertoire right now. Whether you go head-to-toe beige or for just a touch of tan, you are bound to get a lot of wear out of these versatile hues year-round. Try ASOS’s Monki trench coat-style dress over a thin black turtleneck and tights for the cooler temps, then shed the layers when things warm up.
Monki Overall Dress with Sided Belt in Beige, $56;

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Top 5 Matching Pajama Sets To Get Warm And Cozy In This ‘Snuggly’ Weather



As the temps outside drop, staying in becomes more and more appealing. Make the best of your time inside with one of these snuggly matching pajama sets that will keep you warm. Hence, comfortable and presentable when you answer the door for holiday package deliveries.

Plush Set

(Source: freepeople)

Chicer than a Snuggie, this matching pajama set by Free People. Thus, embodies the texture of a plush blanket with the cut of a cute lounging outfit. It’s the perfect set for staying in and bingeing a holiday movie marathon with bae.

Wild Side

(Source: madewell)

To those lucky ladies living in warmer climates, we envy you. All jealousy aside, you too deserve matching pajama sets in your lives. And while a thermal option might cause you to overheat. Therefore, this lightweight cotton set will do just the trick. The spotted leopard print is feisty and fun. And the short-sleeve, supersoft flannel top and shorts are breathable and appropriate for your snowless climate.

Beach Dreams

(Source: showmeyourmumu)

Dreaming of waking up in paradise? This silky pink pajama set will have visions of palm trees dancing in your head. Covered in green, leafy palm fronds and a matching eye mask to boot, your dreamtime wardrobe will be dropping your friends and family major hints of the island vacation you’re hoping for this Christmas.

Silky Florals

(Source: anthropologie)

This Anthropologie matching pajama set comes with a product description we can stand by: No more oversized T-shirts at bedtime. You’re an adult, and your wardrobe both outside and inside your home should reflect that. This feminine floral set will help you feel put together when hanging around the house and have you looking forward to unwinding in silky luxury after a long day of work.

Sherpa—Not Just For Jackets

(Source: shopbop)

Without a doubt, sherpa is killing it this season, and now you can make it a part of your bedtime wardrobe. Red plaid flannel and cozy white sherpa trim — can you name a better combination for epic snuggles? In short, no. This matching pajama set is the perfect blend of the two fabrics and with a long-sleeve top and shorts for bottoms, you’ll be just the right level of toasty under the covers.

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Top 4 Engagement Ring That Will Not Burn A Hole In Your Pocket



With Instagram inspo instantly at your fingertips, modern brides are opting for more trendy engagement rings with alternative gems. Moonstone, morganite, and opal are newcomers to the center stone. While Old World emeralds are making a comeback in contemporary settings. This is good news for whoever’s banking the big-day bling. Because many of these stones come at a much lower cost than a classic cut diamond.

(Source: youtube)

However, it may not be a coincidence that more couples are choosing affordable engagement rings. In a study about the relationship between wedding spending and marriage duration, Andrew Francis-Tan and Hugo M. Mialon surveyed over 3,000 married people in the U.S. to find that heavy spending is positively correlated with divorce. Not to say you can’t go all out on a boujee reception. But money can be a huge stressor on any relationship.

(Source: gronoandchristie)

To help you stay in budget and on trend without sacrificing style. Thus, we’ve rounded up the prettiest gems under $2,000 for an engagement ring you’ll love forever.

Moonstone Engagement Rings

(Source: farfetch)

Moonstone engagement rings are also on the rise as diamond alternatives. This feldspar mineral is a gorgeous luster and moon-like glow. Thus, caused by light moving between the stone’s layers. Usually in white, this prismatic stone also in gray, green, peach, and brown. With so many options, you can truly customize a moonstone ring to your personality and budget.

Opal Engagement Rings

(Source: nordstrom)

Though beloved for some time—even prized by the ancient Romans—opals engagement rings are experiencing a major resurgence. More and more brides are choosing this semi-translucent stone for its color-changing, lustrous properties. They’re most commonly found in ornate vintage settings. But, more jewelers are offering stunning modern settings for these one-of-a-kind gems.

Morganite Engagement Rings

(Source: bluenile)

Morganite is another engagement stone that is trending right now—and for good reason. It’s a warm-toned beryl gem with pink undertones that are the picture of romance. Hence, historically associated with love, romance, femininity, and tenderness. Those who like the color of rose gold. Thus, will fall for a morganite engagement ring, and not just for its flattering hue. Trendiness aside, morganite is irresistibly affordable. Hence, especially compared to pink diamonds, and looks stunning in a matching rose gold setting.

White Sapphire Engagement Rings

(Source: amazon)

White sapphire engagement rings are among one of the most affordable engagement ring options while still standing up to the test of time. Similar in appearance, white sapphires rank right below diamonds on Moh’s scale of hardness, making the second hardest stone found in nature. White sapphires are also graded on appearance, with AAA representing a whiter and brighter color. Being relatively inexpensive, there’s no reason not to treat yourself to AAA quality and a much larger stone. And with this ring cleaner, you can keep your white sapphires shining bright like a diamond for all eternity.

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