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6 Weekenders Bags That Will Totally Help In Your Next Vacation



As if traveling isn’t stressful enough. Thus, we have to worry about bringing all the essentials. Hence, comfy (read: stretchy) jeans, an outfit that can be dressed up or down, something glitzy for a girl’s night out. Finally at least two pairs of shoes all without overpacking.

Make the trip easier for yourself by choosing an overnight bag that’s not too big nor too small. Enter: the weekender bag. It’s the perfect Bag for a long weekend getaway. Also, for a quick three-day trip whether by car, train, or plane, all while avoiding pesky checked baggage fees. We’ve collected the best, most stylish but durable weekender bags for women to take on the holiday hustle.

Everlane The Twill Weekender

(Source: everlane)

We all know Everlane makes an amazing everyday tote. Also, so good that it’s among one of Meghan Markle’s favorite affordable brands. But, its twill overnight bag is your weekend getaway go-to. Not only is it roomy enough to fit three days clothes and small enough to fit in any overhead compartment. Also, it’s 100 percent waterproof. Its sleek exterior is just an extra perk. ($98)

Herschel Novel Weekender Bag

(Source: Amazon)

This Herschel duffel is a stylish classic weekender bag.  Also, comes equipped with a separate shoe compartment. So you don’t have to deal with street scum touching your holiday best. (Gross!) Take your pick between this rose and tan combo or a super trendy black and cheetah print version for your next weekend adventure. ($85)

Kate Spade Watson Lane Lyla Weekender Bag

(Source: katespade)

This Kate Spade bag was made for the stylish overpacker with chic jersey-backed nylon and 14-karat gold-plated hardware. The real sell is how much you can cram into this large weekender (yes, you can pack that extra pair of shoes) and still count it as a carry-on. ($298)

Dagne Dover Large Landon Carryall

(Source: dagnedover)

Whether you’re off to a wellness retreat with nature or jetting off to a European getaway. Thus, this lightweight weekender bag is Suit for your stylishly support you on any journey. With a laptop sleeve, removable tech pouch, and essential water bottle pocket, you never have to worry about misplacing anything on your weekend away. Not to mention it’s made of 100 percent neoprene that’s super easy to wash because you’re going to want to keep this cute carryall forever. ($185)

Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Travel Bag

(Source: neimanmarcus)

Longchamp’s cult-classic Le Pliage bag gets a travel makeover with this expandable version that doubles up in size when you need it most. (Ahem, when you’re hauling all your presents back from your family Christmas.) Plus, it’s made with water-resistant nylon that’s easy to keep clean and comes in nine different colors. ($255) Getaway Duffel Bag

(Source: Lyst)

With this bright pink weekender bag, you never have to worry about losing your favorite travel leggings in cram-packed overhead bins. It’s a cheeky, budget-friendly buy that will make a statement amongst a sea of boring black carry-ons. ($58)

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Best Night Creams For Your Skin Type



Walk down the skincare aisle, and you’ll see approximately one-trillion night creams. All with various confusing claims and promises. To help you choose the perfect night cream for your skin type, here is the lineup of the greatest, tried-and-true night creams for your skin type. Whether you’ve got oily skin, dry and acne prone skin, sensitive skin, etc.

For Oily, Acne Prone Skin

Acne-prone skin is inherently irritated and dry, even if it looks oily. So make sure not to skip out on a night cream. Instead, layer on this lightweight acne-fighting formula. You can look for a night cream with a mix of tea tree oil (a natural antibacterial), witch hazel (a gentle astringent), and salicylic and lactic acids (pore clearers and skin smoothers). All the ingredients help mattify and treat skin without drying it out.

Photo Source: fromluxewithlove

For Normal To Oily Skin

The gel-cream moisturizer will give skin just the right amount of hydration. It will last you through the night without making your face feel like a grease pit. You can look for the calming formula filled with all-natural ingredients. Like Japanese licorice extract, which reduces redness and irritation. Along with lingonberry seed oil, a fatty acid that helps repair your skin barrier and even out oil production.

Photo Source: komplettapotek

For Dry, Sensitive Skin

Try to look for a night cream which consists of soothing Greek yogurt, moisturizing jojoba oil, and barrier-repairing hyaluronic acid. The rich night cream will soften rough patches and calms sensitive skin from the moment you slather it on.

Photo Source: justbymee

For Dry, Acne Prone Skin

Please look for a sweet-smelling balm, formulated with a hefty dose of Manuka honey. The ingredient is a natural antibacterial that works on two levels. First to calm and hydrate inflamed skin. Second, to kill acne-causing bacteria. Layer it on at night and let the mix of honey and apricot oil soften skin and fight breakouts will you sleep.

Photo Source: ulta


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4 Best Lip Stains For Those Who Hate Lipsticks



Here’s the thing about lipsticks: They’re kind of high maintenance. Between the meticulous applications, the touch-ups, and that moment when your lips devolve into a dry, prune-like mess, lipsticks can get annoying. But for those moments, we have lip stains. With oil-stain hybrids, balm-like stains, and semi-matte moisturizing stains, you can find the perfect shade and formula for your lips, without having to settle.

Semi-Matte Stain

Unlike most stains, which are, quite literally, a stain on your lips. This stain has a dose of coconut oil in it to give it a hydrating, balm-like finish. Just twist the bottom, wait for the pigment to fill the squishy tip, and swipe it over your lips. After a few minutes, it’ll dry down to a semi-matte finish that lasts through one coffee

Photo Source: seventietwo

Lipstick-Like Stain

Stains are great and all, but if you’re a person who loves more of an opaque, moisturizing finish, try this creamy formula, which is basically a super-lightweight liquid lipstick that wears off into an even, pigmented stain. Apply it in the morning, and then forget about it for the rest of the day—your lips will look bright for hours.

Photo Source: popsugar

Water Lip Stain

This is, pure and simple, a straight-up stain. It’s a thin, water-like liquid (it’s 77 percent water, in fact) mixed with a range of four pigments to give your lips a wash of long-lasting color. Brush it on over your bare lips, then layer with a balm for more moisture.

Photo Source: chtralee

Matte Cream Stain

This click-pen stain swipes on like a milky cream but dries down to a completely matte, opaque pigment. It’s basically like a matte lipstick, but without all of the stuff you hate about matte lipsticks (dryness, flakiness, hard-to-apply-ness). Thanks to its hydrating base.

Photo Source: cosmeticbusiness

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3 Ways To Achieve Korean Dewy Look



Youthfully radiant and luminous in all the right places. More than just a beauty trend, the Korean dewy look has been around for years in Korea. Achieving the right balance between glow and overly shiny is nearly an art form that takes a little polishing to perfect. Originally called mul-gwang (literally, “water-light”), the signature Korean look first made its fresh-faced debut at the hands of two distinguished Korean makeup artists, Son Dae Sik, and Park Tae Yun. We’ve narrowed it down to three key beauty tricks that will have you beaming like your favorite Korean celebrity.

Face Mist All Day

The most essential way to achieve the Korean dewy look is by maintaining hydrated skin. To maximize your skin’s moisture throughout the day, start and end your skincare and makeup routine with a face mist. For extra dry skin, look for a face mist featuring hyaluronic acid which binds incredibly well to moisture. Spray the mist post-cleanse or after applying your toners and essences, creating an intensely hydrated base for your makeup. For a serious glow, finish off your foundation with a final spritz to lock in all the moisture.

Photo Source: allure

Sheet Mask

For many Korean women, their weekly companion is the sheet masks. Much like face mists, sheet masks provide a sweeping array of skin-enhancing perks by targeting your skin’s specific needs, giving you an immediate lift and undeniable glow to your skin. Apply the sheet mask after your toner, essence, and serum. Afterward, pat in the extra essence and apply an oil on top to seal in the hydration.

Photo Source: thecut

Finished Off Make Up With Customized Highlight

Elevate your finished makeup look by adding a customized highlight to the high points of your face. First, apply your foundation or BB or CC cream as usual. Then blend a bit of your foundation or tinted cream with a rich moisturizer, illuminating essence, or facial oil in a 1:1 ratio. Moisturizers like shea butter or coconut oil are great options. Apply the mixture to the top of cheekbones, the forehead, down the middle of the nose, on the Cupid’s bow, and the chin. Finish the look by dusting translucent powder onto the T-zone, sides of your nose, and around the perimeter of your face. This will subtly soften the look while keeping the emphasis on where it really matters.

Photo Source: youtube

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