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5 Truly Delightful St. Patrick’s Cocktails



St. Patrick’s Day might have passed. But the glamorous party night could still be liven up to. Having drinks at St. Patrick’s day is not that hard. You can just stir anything Irish or green. Then everyone will be happy. But since you visit this page, I will assume that you still have no clue what to make for St. Patrick’s day party. Here is the list of St. Patrick’s Day cocktails you can make.

Celtic Sipper

In a shaker with ice, combine 1½ oz. Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur, 2 oz. Zaya Gran Reserva rum, and 1½ oz. coconut water. Strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice. You got yourself a delicious drink.

Photo Source: cosmopolitan
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Kalak Tipperary

Pour 2 oz. Kalak Single Malt Irish Vodka, ¾ oz. sweet Italian vermouth, and ½ oz. Green Chartreuse in a shaker filled with ice. Stir for about 20 seconds, and strain into a chilled tumbler. Add a sprig of thyme studded with three olives, and stir the drink again. Fill the glass with ice, and stir a final time. Green-ish drink for you.

Photo Source: cosmopolitan
Photo Source: gastrogays

County Clare Cooler

Combine 2 oz. Knappogue Castle 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey, ¾ oz. unfiltered apple cider, ¾ oz. lemon juice, ½ oz. honey syrup, and ¼ oz. Benedictine (a French liqueur) in a cocktail shaker. Add 1 oz. ginger beer to the bottom of a rocks glass. Shake the cocktail shaker and strain into the rocks glass. Garnish with fanned apple slices if you want to.

Photo Source: cosmopolitan
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Shamrock Pinch

Fill a glass with ice. Add 2 oz. Barefoot Moscato, ½ oz. Irish whiskey, and 1½ oz. orange juice. Top with 1½ oz. ginger beer, squeeze a lime wedge into the drink, and drop the shell into the glass. Garnish with lime if you feel it’s necessary.

Photo Source: observer
Photo Source: liquor

Long Smash

In a shaker, muddle six tarragon leaves with 2 oz. grapefruit juice and 1 bar spoon of sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Add 1½ oz. Kalak Single Malt Irish Vodka and lots of ice. Seal, shake hard for 10 seconds, and strain into a chilled glass. Add a dash of sparkling mineral water, and garnish with a grapefruit twist and tarragon sprig. The acid taste will wake you up.

Photo Source: liquor
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17+ Gorgeous Winter Work Outfit That Can Fend Off Cold



Winter is coming. And with it, the bitter cold temperatures and slushy, icy streets to make your morning commute just that much more unpleasant. Weather such as this begs for soft, cozy fabrics and endless layers. But, while sweats and a puffer coat might be your uniform of choice for off-duty days. Hence, that just won’t cut it once the workweek commences.


Balancing resistance against the elements with a put-together look can be a daily woe for the working woman. You could go the route of wearing your heaviest. Thus, the most weather-resistance duds and shedding and swapping things out upon arrival at the office. Therefore, though few among us want to be faced with an outfit change every morning. The ultimate goal is a winter work outfit that’s both warm and stylish, but still professional.


All workplace dress codes are different. So consider the practices of your particular office and industry. Still, a few key tips ring universally true. A focus on heavier textiles and luxe knits will deliver the insulation you’re after.


So if you find yourself reaching for the same pants and sweater all too often, don’t worry—we’re here to help you out. Armed with a fresh batch of inspiring outfits, power dressing in the cold has never been quite so easy. You can mix and match trends in a way that feels just right even when it’s chilly out.


That said, while your inclination might be to go thicker and bulkier across the board. Hence, the result can look a bit sloppy if not executed just right. Instead, opt for slim layers and cinched, tailored silhouettes to maintain a polished form without sacrificing function.

Below, look to the well-dressed ladies of the street style set for eight examples of outfits that will take you from 9-to-5 in style, even when the temps are 50 degrees and dropping.

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16+ Ugly Christmas Sweaters Ideas To Brighten Up Your Christmas



With the holidays just around the corner. Thus, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect ugly Christmas sweater. To be fair, not all ugly Christmas sweaters are that bad.


Some sweaters serve a purpose. So, whether it be to hold your wine bottle or to transform you into a Christmas tree. Some even have interactive games and lights. You can also go for a sweater more on the simple side that just has a fun saying or pattern. Or, if you’re feeling really crafty, you can go for a homemade ugly Christmas sweater.


We’ve gathered some of our favorite ugly sweater ideas right here. Hence, to help you stand out at your next Christmas party. Whether you’re looking for a men’s ugly Christmas sweater, a women’s ugly Christmas sweater. Also, even something for the kids, there’s an option here for each family member. Making your ugly sweater party debut as newlyweds?


We’ve also included a cute option for couples too. Not only will these funny DIY sweaters make your bash one for the books. But, they’ll also make great DIY Christmas presents and gag gifts. Another benefit of these sweaters? They won’t break your budget. So, there’s one in here that costs the blogger one dollar to make!.


So whether you’re looking to buy it online. Or are getting your arts and crafts kit ready for a DIY session. Hence, there is definitely the perfect ugly Christmas sweater on this list for you.

You can only have a holly jolly holiday. Thus, if you’re dressed like Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve. It’s time to break out the ugliest, most horrendously cheery Christmas apparel around. Also, we’ve found the best sweaters to help you ring in the season with all the bells and whistles (literally).

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Great Christmas Tradition For You And Your Family To Do



There’s nothing we don’t love about Christmas! The food, the tree, the songs, the films. Hence, there are so many great traditions that we all take part in. But our favorite ones are the ones that just our family does.


Whether it’s pajamas under the tree on Christmas Eve or a homemade tour bus to go and see the lights. Thus, we’ve tracked down some adorable new family Christmas traditions for you and the kids. Hence, to make memories with this year, and every year after that.


With these adorable and unique Christmas traditions, a little homemade snow and a sprinkle of creativity. Thus, it’ll be your merriest, most magical Christmas yet!

Read The Christmas Story


Amidst all of the lights and presents and sweet treats. Hence, it’s nice to be reminded that this season we are celebrating. Therefore, about love and hope at the core.

Start A Christmas Countdown Paper Chain


Children are visual! Every day the kids ask how many days until Christmas. But it’s so much more exciting for them to get to remove a piece of the paper chain. Thus, each day and see how the day is nearing!

Go To A Christmas Concert


Most cities have special concerts during the holiday season, and many of them are free! Bring your family to hear the beautiful songs of the Christmas season.

Go See The Nutcracker


Last year a friend of ours was dancing in The Nutcracker. So, I reluctantly decided to buy tickets for Parker and me. I never dreamed she would love it so much! After Christmas, she said it was her favorite thing we did all December long! We are going again this year and bought this book to prepare! It’s by far my favorite book version!

Bake Treats For The Neighbors


Parker loves to bake this time of year, but there’s only so many cookies I want lying around the house. Sweet treats are a nice excuse to pop over next door with baked goods in hand. And catch up with the neighbors!

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