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5 Hairstyles For A Winter Wedding



Winter wedding, just like any other wedding, is an important event. For the bride, especially, there are so many things to prepare for. The bridesmaid dress, the dress, the makeup, and including the hairstyle. There is no formula to dictate whether a winter wedding should be any different than other season weddings. But, to give you a great idea about a hairstyle for a winter wedding, here are 5 best ideas for a winter wedding hairstyle to keep in mind:

The Chignon

The word “chignon” comes from the French phrase “chignon du cou”, which means nape of the neck. Chignons are generally achieved by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck or at the back of the head, but there are many different variations of the style. A chignon is dateless, but keeping it relaxed and subtly textured makes the look current

Photo Source: stylecaster

The Jumbo Bun

Whether you are using your own hair or hair extensions to create the style, bun styles are easy to do and fitting for any occasion. And the bigger the bun is, the better it would seem (well, okay, not for everyone. Petite girls should probably keep the size to a minimum). Make a statement with a supersized bun, positioned just above the nape of your neck.

Photo Source: pinterest

The Rolled Updo

short hair, long hair, any kinds of hair can make rolled updo a good choice. For those with natural afro hair, a messy kind of updo might be a better one. But even with straight sleek hair, an updo can look chic. The elaborate, rolled updo is perfect for the ethereal bride.

The Accessory

Pu the hir into a simple updo or simple rolled, then add some accessories is the simplest way to accentuate your beauty at your winter wedding. There’s no easier way to make a simple hairstyle wedding-worthy than with a sparkling headband.

Photo Source: youtube

The Flowers Bun

Who said that flowers can only be worn on a spring wedding? Those who want to get married can wear flower hairband as well to get the icy winter wedding a merrier look. the hairband doesn’t have to be intricate. A simple floral band should suffice enough. By the end of the day, it is the face that should be the priority.

Photo Source: everafterguide

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Best Hair Spray For Everday Use



Hairspray… We love it, we hate it. We need hairspray to keep our hair where it is as we brush it the first time. But, we also hate it as sometimes it makes our hair look like a helmet. Which of course is an eek big time! Most of the modern hairspray, thank goodness, have a formula that makes the hair stay in its place yet continue to be flexible. Though that’s not the case for sometimes. But don’t worry. We have a list of hairspray that is so good for your hair.

Kenra Volume Spray

A reviewer commented that this hair spray can hold on to the hair look as intended without actually making it too straight. Another reviewer even admitted that this hair spray can hold on to the look no matter after snow, humidity, moderate wind, even heat. The hair spray has an average vote of 9.3/10 from reviewers in a beauty website

Photo Source: beautyfirstnebraska

Aveda Control Force Firm Hold

The claim for the brand might be extreme. But reviewer from the same website apparently back the claim. The reviewer said that the hair spray hold some serious holding power. “it does an excellent job of holding a hairstyle and tamping down any frizz,” a reviewer said. Another reviewer said that the hair spray also had the ability to give volume to thinning hair while a frizz crazy reviewer said that the hair spray could hold on to her curly hair quite amazingly.

Photo Source: harveynichols

Joico JoiMist Firm Finishing Spray

Whether it’s raining or shining with heat, this hair spray is claimed to be holding the hairstyle no matter what. One reviewer said that it even hold onto her hairstyle when it was windy out there. Another thing that is a plus from this hair spray is it doesn’t smell like a hair spray does. Aka, it smells amazingly good.

Photo Source: cosmeticsprof

Morrocanoil Luminous Hair Spray

Having a 10.0/10 rating from reviewers, this hair spray apparently is voted the best out there by reviewers. Professional hairstylists and average readers all agree that this hairspray provides a long-lasting hold that makes it worth every penny. Devotees say they’re in love with the hairspray’s smell and appreciate the fact that their hair isn’t sticky after use. The bonus, it keeps your hair shiny and healthy with its formula.

Photo Source: Moojza
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Haircuts That Will Make You Look Younger



Long younger is probably something every woman in their life wants to be. We spend hundred and thousands of dollars tying to manipulate our age by purchasing any kind of anti-aging cream our hands can get. In fact, a survey showed that 75% of women are trying to look their best for their age. The funny thing is, sometimes we don’t need to do much to make ourselves look younger. Many women don’t realize that just by changing our haircut, we can look years younger than our age. To help you do so, we already compiled a list of haircuts that would take years of your age.


For women who are not used to having layers in their life, it can be pretty intimidating. But trust me when I said that layers are our best friend. Especially when we got older and our hair is starting to get thin. A celebrity hairstylist once said that square, chunky layers are the best. This kinda layers are particularly great for older women who have their hair thinning. Just be sure to avoid cutting layers that are either too short on the sides or too long in the back because the cut will look dated. And as far as length, aim for the length of in the middle of your neck to keep years of your age.

Photo Source: southernliving

Short Cut

Some women think that growing their hair long will make them look younger as it will remind them of their school day. The funny thing is, it will do just the opposite. Long hair can look very heavy, therefore added years to your age. Instead, try to go for a shorter cut with choppy textured. Adding some colors will also look wonder. Nothing too drastic. just adding some highlight or lightening your hair color will make you years younger. And with shorter hair, just imagine all the time you will save by not dry-blowing the long mane.

Photo Source: last-trend

Frame Your Face

If you are not ready to say goodbye to long hair, then again, layers are your option. Choose layers that will frame your face perfectly. The cut to “frame your face” will vary depending on the length and the thickness of your hair. For hair that is still thick, framing pieces should begin at the cheek and graduately changes into longer layers. But for hair that is thin, the framing should begin no higher than chin-length. While choppy layers are great, you don’t want any that are “cut straight across” near your face. It will create a mushroom-like look. Which of course is an eek!

Photo Source: hairworldmag
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Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Old



Sometimes we thought that we are rocking a certain look. Yet, people around us don’t think so. They keep telling us we make a mistake by choosing the hairstyle we chose. Some other people, however, think that our hairstyle is pretty okay and don’t mind it. To avoid confusion like that again, here we present to you a list of hair mistakes you can do that will make you look older in an instant. We researched it, so you don’t make the same mistake again.

Cat-Lady Long

Not to confuse the term with a cat woman, cat-lay long is a term we use to describe hair which is longer than your rib-cage. Sure, every girl can rock long hair. But to a point. Once it’s longer than your rib cage, it will work against you and makes you look older. To be safe, make sure that your hair doesn’t go an inch or two longer than your chin. Or what we called timeless long bob. Another note, make sure if you go longer not to have the curve style, which is shorter on the front and longer on the back.

Photo Source: Youtube

Have It The Wrong Length

Looking for a hairstyle which looks great with our face might be a life-long search. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you consult with your hairstylist. One thing we know for sure is that as we get older, our hair will get thinner. And as our hair get thinner, it’s best to keep it short. So, if you usually have a long hair, try to go with a lob or long bob. Whatever you do to your hair, however, make sure that your hair has layer and depth. Nothing is as boring as hair with the same length all over. The most important thing is to have a confidence over your hair.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Never Change Your Look

The biggest mistake a woman makes when it comes to hairstyle is keeping it for decades. Back then, your hair might look great when you were younger and you have the body and face to rock it. But as you get older, your body and face change. If you continue to ask your hairstylist for the same hairstyle you have for over 10 years ago, you will look older than your age. Hairstyles changes over time, and so does yours supposedly.

Photo Source: Youtube
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