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5 Great Ways To Pump Oxygen Level In Blood



It is not necessary to spend a lot of money or implement drastic changes in life. For enhancing the amount of oxygen in your blood. Hence, You need to make some simple lifestyle changes and adopt healthier habits for success in this regard.


(Source: medicalnewstoday)

To ensure your blood is infused with oxygen, you need to work out regularly. When you work out, the cells in the body burn oxygen faster than the regular rate. As the carbon dioxide levels in the body increase. Therefore, your brain increases the respiration rate to get more supply of oxygen. Your lung and heart perform at optimum capacity during the exercise to intake more oxygen. It has been observed that people afflicted with COPD. Hence, the resultant low oxygen saturation can enhance blood oxygen levels through exercise.


(Source: drweil)

When you consume foods replete with antioxidants, your body can use oxygen in a better way. Certain vitamins, including vitamins E and C, have proven antioxidant properties. You may eat foods like cranberries, blueberries, red kidney beans, and dark leafy vegetables to enhance your intake of antioxidants.

Getting Fresh Air

(Source: aqua4balance)

When you spend more time in regions where pollution is less and fresh air is available, your bloodstream gets a large supply of oxygen. You may plant trees and shrubs in your garden as they soak in CO2 and release oxygen into the atmosphere. You may also resort to jogging or a morning walk by the riverside, a park or green areas where air is fresher to take in more oxygen through breathing.

Quitting Drugs, Alcohol, And Smoking

(Source: medicalnewstoday)

By avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption, you can ensure your bloodstream is infused with the required level of oxygen. Needless to say, discarding such habits is beneficial to your overall health.

Eating Foods With Essential Fatty Acids

(Source: lneonline)

Eating foods containing the essential fatty acids are beneficial in many ways. These foods are ideal if you want to increase the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. Foods with compounds like alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid are very useful in this regard. You should eat plenty of soybeans, flaxseeds, and walnuts.

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How To Wear Bright Lipsticks Like A Pro



If you’ve always worn natural lip colors or no lip color at all, the prospect of suddenly wearing bright colors can be scary. Yet some people could pull off the bright lipsticks like they were born with it. It makes some of us wonder what’s the secret of wearing bright lipsticks. The truth is, there’s no secret to pulling off bright but a self confidence. But, getting to that place required some helps for some people. That’s why, we made a list of things for you to do to boost that self confidence.

Exfoliate First

A bright color can be intimidating if you are worried about flaking your lips. Therefore, it is mandatory to scrub and moisture your lips before put on some lipsticks. A cheap way to do it is to make your own scrub using homemade concoction of coconut oil and brown sugar solidified in the fridge.

Photo Source: youtube
Photo Source: youtube

Prep With Lip Balm

After the scrub, you would want to follow up with lip balm. The most important thing though, do not slather it too much as your lips will get slippery and the lipstick will get smudges. It is also important to apply the lip balm before the lipstick to prevent bleeding or transference of the lipstick to the teeth.

Photo Source: nymag
Photo Source: amazon

Use Lip Liner

Lip liner is important to define the edge of your lips to prevent lipstick from smudges. But, finding a liner that goes on with your lipstick color can be tricky. The best way to avoid this trickiness is to use nude lip liner. This way, you can define your lips without look too harsh and instead let the lipstick boldness shine bright.

Photo Source: lipsnberries
Photo Source: speakingbeautyuk

Choose A Color That You Love

There are so many lipstick shades out there that you can try. Sure, there are advices out there about which lipstick shade matches the best with your skin tone. But a makeup artist once said that the best color shade for you is the one that makes you happy.

Photo Source: addictivecosmetics
Photo Source: etsy

Keep Calm Applying The Lipstick

If you are a first timer in lipstick field, you might feel anxious. There are several tips you can try. First, start applying the lipstick from the corner of your mouth and glide it over toward the Cupid’s bow. Second, stick with formula is more in the cream side than the matte side. Lastly, consider applying lipstick with lip brush or finger to make the color looks subtler.

Photo Source: youtube
Photo Source: videoblocks
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5 Lip Colors Every Fashion Girl Are Wearing Right Now



One of universe’s way to know the pulse of the fashion and beauty industries are through the instagram feeds. From instagram, we can always stay in tune with makeup artists latest color painting, the boots the cool girls are wearing, as well as the lipsticks the fashion girls are using. For this spring, the fashion field has really been on top of their lip games. There are so many shades that is out of the ordinary, you might find the ultimate color for you from one of the 5 shades below.

Petal Pink

This demure shade of pink is the perfect utilitarian shade for your lip color. Just like any nude shade lipstick, this lipstick hue goes with everything. And the best part is, it is low maintenance. So you don’t have to touch up often during the hot spring and summer seasons.

Photo Source: urbanmissmakeup
Photo Source: grocerydeals

Bare Naked

The overaching trend this spring among the fashion set is the lack of color. Alas, the nonchalant look of the nude is a trend in its own right and usually begs for some kind of product pick-me-up like lipbalm, gloss, or lipstick.

Photo Source: independent
Photo Source: youtube

Hot Clay

We know the name doesn’t sound appealing. But if you are looking for the middle ground between bright orange or red and nude, hot clay is the shade for you. Feel free to choose between a more red color or sunset-orange one.

Photo Source: beyondblush
Photo Source: beyondblush


Red lipstick would never go out of trend. No matter the time and season, red shade will always make us look polished. Although red shade is not exactly the low maintenance color of all time, but if you wear the right formula, the you can keep the red shade up for longer time.

Photo Source: stylecaster
Photo Source: nymag

Juicy Berry

Variations of berry colors play nice all year along. They are also nicer options if you want a pop color without actually going full red or trendier with wines or coral like colors. On the bonus side, the berry color will make you feel vibrant without feeling overly precious.

Photo Source: irecommend
Photo Source: skinsationblog
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10+ Top Barn Wedding Ideas



A Rustic Setting for Vows

(Source: inspiredbythis)

There’s just something innately romantic about a farmhouse-inspired barn wedding. From the strung cafe lights to the reclaimed wood. Therefore, a barn wedding has something to appeal to every type of bride. This gorgeous whitewashed barn is a lovely backdrop for a ceremony. Also, for a reception, ​and feels just as New England as it does Deep South. Place a bit of greenery in doorways or windows to add a modern flare.

The Right Way to Have a Barn Wedding

(Source: flickr)

Some may call it a trend, but we think the barn wedding is here to stay. If you’re planning a wedding (or dreaming about it). Therefore, you’ve probably come across a million and a half wedding ideas. And we can bet a good deal of them involved a barn. And it’s no surprise it’s so popular. Hence, barn weddings are that perfect mix of laid-back, rustic and beautiful that so many brides love. If you’re thinking of planning a barn wedding, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite country-inspired ideas.

Save on Flowers

(Source: pinterest)

The hallmark of a barn wedding is that less is more. With a rustic, uncluttered look, you can forgo expensive extras like fresh flowers. And let the minimalistic decor scheme really shine. We love nixing elaborate floral centerpieces for Mason jars and baby’s breath. Cheap, easy to find and even easier to arrange, it’s the perfect blend of simplicity and femininity.

Add a Personal Touch

(Source: nouba)

Thanks to Pinterest and the like, the “cookie cutter” wedding has been replaced. Hence, by a sweeping trend of DIY and personalization. A barn offers the perfect blank canvas to experiment. Thus, allowing you to add touches that speak to your own personality and creativity. This easy-to-DIY pendant banner adds a bit of whimsy to a rustic space.

A Sparkler Send-Off Your Photographer Will Love

(Source: deerpearlflowers)

Take advantage of the outdoors with a gorgeous photo op. Fill a Mason jar with extra-large sparklers. And encourage your photographer to round up the guests at the end of the night for an unforgettable send-off.

Utilize Indoors and Out

(Source: pinterest)

Create a romantic ambiance both inside and out with gorgeous string lights and a curtain for separation. Create a lovely reception outside under the stars and set up the DJ. Or try DIY with your own iPod inside the barn when it’s time to get down.

Reclaimed Wood Everywhere

(Source: pinterest)

When decorating a barn wedding, draw upon the structure’s character and weave the look throughout the whole space. This rustic reclaimed wood centerpiece from Junebug Weddings is an easy way. Hence, to add a little elegance to a country setting. Try wooden crates or wood slices for more inspiration.

DIY Your Barn Lighting

(Source: pinterest)

Edison bulbs are an affordable and trendy way to add a soft glow, and warm up large spaces like barns. You can find Edison bulbs on Amazon – just wrap the cables in twine. And wind them around beams, poles and doorways for romantic lighting you can easily DIY.

Pallets: A Barn Wedding’s Best Friend

(Source: pinterest)

Wood pallets are one of the most popular DIY materials on Pinterest. From headboards to coffee tables, there are endless uses for them — and even more for your barn wedding. We love this rustic event schedule idea in particular. But you can also try using pallets as a ceremony backdrop, a cocktail table or even seating (just add hay).

Drink, Country Style

(Source: pinterest)

Not that you need an excuse to draw your guests to the bar. But this upscale barn bar is a great alternative to a traditional drinks table. Though this example is a bit too difficult to DIY, you can always draw upon it for inspiration. Set up a rustic table outside, add some corrugated aluminum, and voilà.

Bring in Vintage Furniture

(Source: pinterest)

One of our favorite aspects of a barn wedding is that it works with almost all aesthetics. This beautiful bride-and-groom seat is a vintage dining bench. But you can replicate the idea with nearly all of your seating. Hence, how about a few Victorian chairs for cocktail hour?. Spend the year before your wedding looking for deals on great vintage furniture.

Add Some Wheat

(Source: deerpearlflowers)

A barn wedding doesn’t have to be overly country. But it’s always fine to incorporate a few rural elements throughout the event. We adore this wheat and lavender boutonniere, reminiscent of cornfields and rolling fields.

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