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5 Fabulous Ankle Booties That Cost Less Than $100



Cold temps call for covered toes, and with ankle booties coming in all kinds of chic styles. Although, you won’t mind how much it may storm. As long as you have cute boots to keep you warm.

To sweeten the deal. Hence, we’ve found stylish ankle boots that you would never guess are under $100. So picking up a pair or two (or even three). And feels guilt-free with these fabulous prices. Your feet will be gorgeous. Also your wallet happy as you crunch through the autumn leaves and walk in a winter wonderland.

Brown Booties With ’90s Vibes

(Source: hm)  

Sturdy boots are a must in the winter, especially if your work commute consists of public transit and walking. Rather than wearing your ski boots to handle the oncoming tundra, go for these H&M brown booties. The faux leather and elastic panels have a unique cut, and the chunky soles are a nod to the ’90s that will grip the cold ground as you race to catch the train.

The Comfiest Black Booties

(Source: zara)

Icy pavement and high heels are a sprained ankle waiting to happen. Make it through winter weather injury-free with a sleek pair of short-heeled ankle booties. The high-shine gloss and delicate cracked faux leather detailing of these boots make them look like they’re worth triple what they cost you. We love the delicate metallic detail at the heel, the elastic sides for easy on-and-off, and the one-inch heel that will save you from teetering on slick pavement.

If Ankle Booties Could Kill

(Source: nordstrom)

This time of year calls for parties and social gatherings aplenty. Being the social butterfly you are, your schedule is chock-full of plans, and now you need outfits to match. Whatever you plan on wearing on top, you can count on these stiletto booties to cover the bottom. The sleek, slim heel and pointed toe make this practical, toe-covering ankle bootie a sexy statement piece. And, if you’re not keen on the dark pink, you’ll be happy to know this style comes in a solid black.

Team White Ankle Booties

(Source: nordstrom)

Still, haven’t purchased a pair of white ankle booties? Girl!! now is the time. In contrast to the sea of black and brown booties this winter, white is a crisp and clean alternative that goes great with everything. But if you’re going to try the trend, save some money and do it right with these white Topshop boots. They’re designed with an undeniable luxe crocodile effect that immediately makes them look expensive, upgrading whatever items you wear them with.

Patent Ankle Booties

(Source: asos)

Even when it’s cold outside, sometimes your office is the true freezing tundra. To keep your look warm and professional at meetings and client presentations, a sleek modern boot will do the trick. We recommend these Bershka patent leather ankle booties for your work wardrobe. They’re sleek, they’re modern, and this burgundy shade is perfect for this time of year.

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Top 6 Gorgeous Velvet Piece That Will Step Up Your Winter Wardrobe



If there’s one fashion trend that manages to re-emerge each and every season, it’s velvet. And we’re not just talking cold-weather dresses you’ll wear just once to your office holiday party. In fact, everything from snug velvet leggings to ’90s-era velvet scrunchies are cropping up on runways and Instagram feeds alike.

(Source: Pinterest)

Whether your winter wardrobe is in desperate need of new life. Thus, you simply want an excuse to get in on the trend. Hence, these affordable velvet finds are the definition of chic. Shop our favorite looks below, and be prepared to sport them season after season.

ALALA Velvet Leggings

(Source: alala)

While these crushed velvet activewear pants are meant to be sported at the gym. Hence, we wouldn’t blame you if they became your new favorite leggings to lounge in. A stretch fit means they’re comfortable enough for the couch, while tonal striping along the sides adds interest.

Madewell Velvet Butterfly Top

(Source: nordstrom)

Not only is this flowy top versatile enough for both work and the weekend. Also, it comes in five different colors, including deep navy and vintage gold.

Rebecca Minkoff Velvet Mules

(Source: neimanmarcus)

Slide into these studded velvet kicks for a look that’s laid-back yet luxe. We love how well these Rebecca Minkoff mules pair with basic black skinny jeans or a pleated midi skirt.

J.Crew Velvet Signet Bag

(Source: bonanza)

Stash your evening essentials in this touchable velvet crossbody that’s so chic, it’s bound to become your new everyday bag. Available in pink burgundy, deep twilight and black.

Vince Camuto Velvet Dress

(Source: shopittome)

Off-the-shoulder and totally on-trend, this luxe velvet sheath is ideal for your next holiday bash or winter wedding.

Tularosa Velvet Brixton Dress

(Source: tularosa)

Give your go-to LBD a break by introducing this black velvet dress to your holiday wardrobe. We love this look for its keyhole button sleeves and dance-floor friendly pleated skirt.

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How To Decipher The Party Dress Code for Women



As if figuring out what to wear on an average day wasn’t hard enough. Hence, now you’ve got to decipher what looks “casual chic” for a big event. “Hosts are getting so creative with dress codes that guests are left scratching their heads,” says Derek Guillemette. Thus, the director of ready-to-wear for Rent the Runway. Hence, a company that rents designer evening wear.

(Source: wtcevents)

“Our personal stylists are bombarded with questions from customers about which styles will fit well and fit within a certain dress code.” And it’s not only women; men are stumped, too. To the rescue: a handy invitationese-to-English dictionary. So you and your other half can rise to any occasion.

If The Dress Code Is Cocktail

(Source: davidsbridal)

Translation: An elegant party dress and a killer pair of heels.

The safe bet: “The LBD is your BFF for most weddings and engagement parties and many fund-raisers,” says Catherine Loose, the director of fashion for Style-Architects, a styling and event-planning service in Minneapolis. Therefore, turn to rich fabrics, such as lace, chiffon, and velvet. Hence to elevate the typical black. But keep the hemline modest: two inches above the knee max. To test if your hemline is too short, stand with your hands at your sides; the dress shouldn’t be higher than your fingertips.

(Source: mossmanclothing)

You can branch out to other shades, too: Jewel tones and icy pastels can be just as refined in simple silhouettes. It’s also perfectly acceptable to splash out in dressy separates—say. Also, brocade cigarette pants topped with a beaded shell. Whichever you choose, fancy footwear is mandatory. (Metallic or jeweled is a sure thing.) The daintier the heel, the more graceful your shoes will look on the dance floor (even if you have two left feet).

If The Dress Code Is Black Tie

(Source: dressedupgirl)

Translation: Old Hollywood glamour.

The safe bet: A tea- or floor-length gown is the way to go for upscale fetes, like formal weddings, charity galas, and awards ceremonies. Be a celebrity for the night and strut your stuff in a gorgeous satin, taffeta, or beaded number. Try a Hepburn-esque column or an A-line in red, navy, or emerald, which stands out from black and complements many skin tones, says Guillemette. As for accessories, “choose a dramatic necklace or dangling earrings, but never both,” he says. When in doubt, opt for time-honored classics, like diamond drops or a pearl necklace, over something too costumey. And an evening bag is a must; invest in one metallic clutch that can look dressed up or down for all your parties.

(Source: bridlesandbaubles)

Finally, be wary of trains and fishtails (because when you trip, no one will think it’s charming, à la Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars), loud prints (talking to you, cheetah!), and body-conscious styles (save them for A Night at the Roxbury). In the South, the rules of black tie are strictly adhered to and decorum prevails, says Tara Guérard, the owner of Soirée, in Charleston, South Carolina, a company that plans and designs events. Be especially mindful about not spilling out of necklines and slits.

If the Dress Code Is Dressy Resort

(Source: liveabout)

Translation: Easy, breezy, beautiful.

The safe bet: Balance fashion and function. “Slip on a comfortable maxi, a flowy sundress, or a cute shift with a splash of bright jewelry,” says Swann. If you’re celebrating in a tropical locale, break out an exotic print, and maybe tuck a flower in your hair, suggests Mindy Lockard, an etiquette consultant in Portland, Oregon. Whether you’re headed to a beach wedding, a rustic rehearsal dinner, or an alfresco luncheon, ditch the heels, which will sink into sand or grass. Gold wedges, beaded sandals, or embellished ballet flats are posh enough for the occasion. Instead of black, pick white or a shade that plays up the natural surroundings—blue, coral, yellow.

If the Dress Code Is Business Attire

(Source: memorandum

Translation: What you would wear to an important interview.

The safe bet: Gravitate toward Wall Street rather than dot-com when it comes to work dinners, company parties, and networking events. That means a simple, neutral suit or a sheath dress. “Look to Jackie O. for inspiration,” says Lockard. This isn’t the time to experiment with trendy cuts or the hot color of the season, though you may want to consider adding texture with a metallic tweed or a variegated bouclé jacket or skirt.

(Source: pinterest)

Even if your office is casual, spiff up your usual look with a skirt rather than pants, a blouse in place of a tee, and pumps over flats. In this case, it’s okay to carry your everyday bag. For a work holiday party, you can loosen up a bit and introduce a single touch of sparkle or color. But keep your hemline around the knee and your neckline conservative.

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Step by Step On How To Organize Your Beauty Products



Figuring out how to organize your beauty products is no small feat. Thus, least of all because everyone has different collection sizes and storage opportunities. Beauty product collections run the gamut from a essentials-only kit to an abundance of creams, mists, brushes, and more. Therefore, so there is no one-size fits all answer for how to organize your beauty products.

(Source: Gettyimages)

Fortunately, there are ways to make every beauty product mess more manageable, and over the years. Therefore Femagz has written about almost all of them. Our best-ever tips for how to organize your beauty products. Therefore,  can help you cut down on clutter and streamline your morning routine. Hence, all in an As with any good you’ll need to start your beauty collection clean-up with an old-fashioned purge.

Clean Out Your Beauty Collection

(Source: reddit)

First, take every beauty product you have out of its drawer, bin, cabinet, etc. (Yes, that includes the items you keep in the shower.) Spread them out and get rid of duplicates—you really don’t need five gray eyeliner pencils—expired items. And products you never use. Also, including those that have gone out of style.

(Source: allure)

Set a limit for how many of a single kind of item—body lotions, eyeliners, mascaras, etc.—you’re allowed to keep. Base this off how often you use each product and how much space you have. If nail polishes are your passion, keep all the bottles that are still good to use … but maybe promise yourself you’ll practice a one-in, one-out rule from now on.

Sort Your Make Up Based On How Often You Use It

(Source: mylifefromhome)

Once you’ve pared down your collection, the next step for how to organize your beauty products is to separate the items you use every day from the items you use only occasionally.

(Source: containerstore)

The top-notch products you save for date night can be stored in a pouch or bin, so they’re all together; travel toiletries should be kept apart, as well, so you don’t need to dig through everything the next time you’re packing.

Consider Your Space

(Source: pinterest)

Next, take a hard, honest look at how much space you really have. Do you have one shelf in a bathroom you share with your roommates, and the rest of your beauty products live in your bedroom? Do you have a massive vanity all to yourself? Adjust how many items you keep in your everyday pile and your specialty pile accordingly.

Set Up Your Space Up

(Source: Pinterest)

It’s time to put everything in its new home. Arrange the items you use every day front and center, on a pretty tray on the counter or in an organizer that keeps bottles and brushes upright on a shelf (in a medicine cabinet or otherwise).

(Source: Pinterest)

In drawers, if you have them, use clear, shallow trays to corral small items, always keeping like with like (think hair ties and clips in one, nail tools in another). Layer these trays within the drawer to make the most of your space; you’ll be able to see through to the bottom to easily find whatever it is you’re looking for.

(Source: Pinterest)

By giving every item a defined storage space—a home, in —you ensure your countertop won’t become a huge, cluttered drop zone. Consider your beauty products organized.

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