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5 Best Spring Hairstyle That Will Be Trending



With winter is over, we must be thanking the universe that the season of cool temperature and low moisturizer is gone. Now we can say goodbye to dull and brittle hair, hidden under a beanie for four straight months.
Spring with its warmer temperature is the start for a healthier hair. It means new time for a new cut or a new color. In stark contrast to the pure mess our hair has to endure during the winter time, a hairstylist said that the trend for spring time is healthy, shiny strands with fun, cool accessories.

Jewel-Toned Accessories

Statement accessories have been in the hair trend for quite some times. But in this spring 2019, the world will be seeing more of shiny jewel-toned embellishment than ever. Like jewelry for your hair, jeweled pins have become hairstylists and their A-list clients favorite.

Photo Source: abcnews.go
Photo Source: ozbeautyexpert

High Ponytail

This type of hairstyle can be a pain in the ass. But for this spring, grab your Advil as the higher your ponytail, the cooler it’s gonna be. For a celebrity role model, take a look at how Ariana Grande style her hair. If you don’t have the thick volume of hair like the singer, a hair extension might be the answer. To get the sleek look, mist your hair with hairspray before putting it into a ponytail. The grit will keep the band from slipping after you tie it.

Photo Source: andrewhoge
Photo Source: bet

Blunt Cuts

Apparently, celebrities are getting tired of their old, dull, split ends hair. Currently, they are pursuing a fuller and healthier hair. Most have cut their hair short, leaving blunt ends with a soft and loose texture. To get those celebrity looks, cut your hair with lots of choppy layers than going with a super straight edge. To finish the look with a sleek style, spritz your hair with the heat-protectant spray then lightly flat-iron sections to make the end looking sharp and defined.

Photo Source: pinterest
Photo Source: glamour

Oversized Snap Clips

Recently, the trend from the 90s has sort of come back from the grave. The hair world sees a lot of 90s accessories make a comeback, such as claw clips and scrunchies. But this spring, in particular, we will see the resurrection of snap clips. Yes, you read that right. The bigger your snap clips are, the better they are. The difference between nowadays snap clips and the 90s ones is the 2019 snap clips are not used to hold on to bangs only but rather as a bold statement. Which means you can wear them with any style you want.

Photo Source: cosmo
Photo Source: bustle

Short And Mid-Length Cuts

There were times when everyone was spotting long-cut, Rapunzel style hair. But this spring 2019, a lot of celebrities are spotted with a rather shorter hair cut. The primary uno cut being chosen is the one between jawline and collarbone. These lengths make it easier to dress with fashion-forward pieces such as high neckline, ruffles, and detailed collar.

Photo Source: hairdrome
Photo Source: pinterest
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Just because your schedule is bursting doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your coif. These quick yet stylish hairstyles can be done in less than 10 minutes and are guaranteed to work as hard as you do.

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16+ Hairstyle For Brand New You In Brand New Decade



If you’ve been flirting with the idea of changing your hairstyle, now is the perfect time to switch it up. After all, a new season is fast approaching, fresh looks are emerging and inspiration is abundant.


In order to provide you with some guidance amid the onslaught of options, we consulted some of the leading hairdressers to get their expert takes on the trending cuts, colors, and styles for summer 2020. So, if you fancy a new ‘do, keep scrolling for (and prepare to screenshot) the ‘it’-looks of the coming season.

Silver Pixie Crop


Copy this striking silver short haircut by creating a pixie cut and leaving a long sweeping fringe. Keep the bottom layer of the crop close to the head. Leave the top layer along with a deep side parting. Straighten the hair across the head for this stunning swept effect. Finish with a striking and shiny silver shade for a majestic and metallic style!

Gorgeous Grey Ombre Blend


To style, this gorgeous grey ombre blend, start by chopping your hair in a sleek mid-length style. This falls roughly around shoulder length and is finished with blunt ends. Blend your hair from a dark grey to shiny silver using the ombre technique. Finish by keeping your hair straight and sleek to show off the colors at work!

Curly Messy Bob with Blonde Highlights


Messy bobs are oh so fashionable and recreating this look is simple. Start by opting for a crop which falls an inch or so above the shoulder. Use the balayage technique to blend the hair from brown to blond consequently creating a sun-kissed finish. Curl the hair from root to tip and drag your fingers through it for an amazing tousled effect.

Purple to Silver Bob with Sweeping Fringe


Blending purple and cream together will give your hair the subtle pop of colour you’ve craved. Starting with a purple shade at the roots, gently blend to cream throughout the rest of the hair. Keep one side of your bob short and close to the head, and the other long. Leave the fringe section long for a sweeping effect to frame the face.

Long, Highlighted Style with Loose Curls


This long hair is brought to life by the gorgeous golden highlights which are worked around the front of the face and throughout the hair. Keep your highlights scattered loosely to create a subtle yet effective end result. Loosely curl your long hair from around the ear length down, and the end result is this gorgeous beach-ready style which we think is just stunning.

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5 Spring Hair Trends All Fashion Girls Are Wearing



Somehow, hair is almost always the last thing we remember to do after all the makeup routine. Maybe it is because we can always forgive any bad hair day and transforms it into complacency. But, new hair trend is always interesting to follow even though it can be daunting as well. Trying new looks can be tiresome and time-consuming. The great thing about this spring’s trend is, the less-is-better look is the approach for the hair trend. Buns and ponytails are flourishing, fun accessories are in the spotlight as well. To prove that following the spring’s hair trend is not that hard, continue to scroll through the list below.

Long, Flowy Hair With A Hat

Remember the day when we have a bad hair day and would just put our hair below a baseball cap? Well, this trend is similar to that. You do get to put your hair below a hat. The difference is instead of hiding all of your hair, you got to show your long, and flowy hair. If your hair is already straight naturally, you just need to brush it down and spritz some hairspray to hold the hair and avoid the spritz. But, if your natural hair is anything other than straight, use a flat iron to straighten your hair and then spritz some hairspray.

Photo Source: threeofsomething
Photo Source: pinterest

High Ponytails

How high are the ponytails should be, you ask? Go to Ariana Grande for the role model. Yes, the higher your ponytail is, the better it is. This trend is especially perfect for the hot, sticky weather we will have in summer. The catch on this trend, however, is, this can apply only on long hair. If you have rather shorter hair and want to try this trend, try adding a hair extension.

Photo Source: vogue
Photo Source: youtube

Bobby Pins + Center Part

This trend shows exactly how low maintenance this spring’s hairstyle has been. All you have to do is brush your hair and part them at the center. Afterward, you just use bobby pins to hold your hair behind your ears. Finish the look with some spritz of hairspray. FYI, bobby pin is not a new trend. Together with barrettes, they have been a very popular hair trend. The bonus, bobby pins are very cheap.

Photo Source: kelaskloset
Photo Source: youtube

Slick Back

Again, this hair trend is one of those low maintenance ones. To get this trend done right, all you have to do is brush your hair slick back. To get the wet, tidy look, use some strong hold hairspray to avoid any frizz. This trend is perfect if you are in a hurry. It is effortless, yet very chic, look clean, and put-together.

Photo Source: hollywoodreporter
Photo Source: hairdrome

Low Knot

We have to be honest that low knot is probably the most beloved and popular hair trend so far this spring. All you have to do is brush your hair back, put it in a low ponytail, then just round your hair around the root of the ponytail. Secure the end to the hair scrunchies or for a stronger hold, put some bobby pins. Not only this style looks good, but it also takes only seconds to make and a no-brainer antidote when your hair refuses to cooperate.

Photo Source: anothermag
Photo Source: girlwithfournames
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