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5 Best Personalized Christmas Gift Ever



With Christmas is less than a month away, are you sure you have found the perfect gift for the loved ones? Still confuse? Well, we have 5 personalized gifts ideas to give you some insights in what might be perfect for  Christmas present.

Customized Initial Earrings

Why not make some earrings with your friend’s (or partner’s) initials? There are plenty of jewelry stores both offline and online that can cater to your wish. Nothing can be more dazzling than a pair of earring in their own initials, am I right?

Photo Source: pastalnamesblogspot


Yup, you hear me correctly. Luggage. Maybe your loved ones wish to travel more next year? Why not get them the customized luggage with their own initials, funny quote, or even their own photo on top. I’m sure from there on, they won’t be having a hard time finding their luggage during the baggage claim. Lol!

Photo Source: medium


I know I know it’s a classic and seems to dopey. But hey, there is a reason why locket is dopey Maybe because they are gorgeous and very meaningful and thoughtful?! Pop a cute photo into the locket, for a gift that will be cherished forever.

Photo Source: chasinglockets


From charming pendants to your loved one’s initials, create a truly custom jewelry piece for someone special. Charms are not just for those who are kids, but they are rather thoughtful, beautiful gifts which will melt your loved one’s heart away.

Photo Source: gerganacouture


For those who like to keep it old school and actually jot down their schedule. Or if they don’t do many activities, a notebook can be used as a diary as well. I mean I know it’s 2018 (2019 soon) but some oold school people syill like to write with their hands rather than post their thought and feelings to social media.

Photo Source: jendeleon

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