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5 Advanced Yoga Pose For Detoxing Your Mind, Body, And Soul



Most active forms of exercise stimulate all three elimination systems, helping your body detox and cleanse itself. But yoga methodically focuses on stretching and compressing every part of the body, and is, therefore, more suitable. It helps in better waste removal.

When a yoga routine is done well, every part of the body is pulled, pushed, and twisted, and this eliminates carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and lymphatic fluid from deep within. Hence, where other forms of workouts fail to reach.

Yogic breathing also plays a vital part in stimulating detoxification. Owing to a bad sitting posture and excessive stress, our lungs don’t function to their full capacity. This means that we fail to take in as much oxygen as we ideally should, or remove as much carbon dioxide as we possibly can.

Yoga not only facilitates physical detox, but it aids in mental detox as well. We are all victims of fear, stress, and depression. Practicing yoga purges those toxic thoughts. Hence, your goal is to be in the present moment.

With regular yoga practice. Thus, will eliminate both tangible and intangible toxins that keep you from feeling and being at your best.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

(Source: cnyhealingarts)

The Adho Mukha Svanasana or the Downward Dog Stretch is an asana where your heart is placed higher than your head. There is a reverse pull of gravity that happens when you do that, and this aids in the proper circulation of the lymph and the blood. Therefore, improving your digestion.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

(Source: prabhatkhabar)

A twist is amazing detox agents, and the Ardha Matsyendrasana is a perfect twist. It stimulates digestion and helps remove impurities from the body. Hence, squeezing and stimulating the kidneys, liver, and abdomen. As you release the twist, blood enters these organs.

Pincha Mayurasana

(Source: yogajournal)

This asana is a challenging one, and if you manage to get into this asana, your reproductive organs and sexual functioning are enhanced and so is your digestive functioning. This asana helps with an intensely physical as well as mental detox.

Salamba Sirsasana

(Source: yogatoday)

Headstands are incredible to enhance and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. They reduce the strain on the heart. It increases the digestive fire and the body heat as well. This asana also enhances the working of the pineal and pituitary glands. Much like the Sarvangasana, this asana too, helps extract the toxins from all over the body, leading to the successful elimination of wastes.


(Source: aboutyoga)

The Chakrasana is one of the best yoga poses for detoxification and is practiced at the very end of the yoga session. It is a chest opener and helps release congestion and stagnation in the body. This asana also helps activate metabolism. It opens up the lungs and helps improve breathing. It also stimulates the abdominal organs, thereby, improving digestion.


The Best Matte Lipstick Of 2019 So Far



Matte lipstick is high on demand since its first launched. Its dry texture, the fact that it stays its place, it leaves behind rich pigment and could give you an extra boost of confidence when needed make matte lipstick such a favorite. Despite tons of things we love about matte lipstick, it also leaves behind some uncomfortable stuff, such as causing lips dryness. Some brands, however, manage to maintain the dry texture we love from matte lipstick without causing our lips to chapped and dry as the Sahara Desert. Here we create a list of some products which you will love.

Maybelline Makeup Superstay

Best in the drugstore make up department, this liquid lipstick is very long lasting and has incredible shade range. It literally blew the water for other high priced products. The non-drying matte lip color is using an arrow shape applicator, making it easy to have a precise application. The true matte formula could also lasts for 16 hours, from the morning you apply it to the moment you are ready to scrub it off. Not only that, this lipstick also has more than 20 shades which will suit every occasion you have.

Photo Source: Youtube

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna

Those with darker skin color can have a difficult time finding a perfect shade of lipstick. Then, that’s when Rihanna came up with Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick. Rihanna launched the product with 14 shades of lipstick color. Varying from red, neutral, and gold undertones. With a sleek design and rounded bullet, the ultra slim packaging fits perfectly for your clutch or a mini bag of ready to go makeup pouch.

Photo Source: Youtube


Lawless is a makeup production line using natural formula. The natural makeup, however, can get a bad rep for its bad pigmentation, chunky textures, and off-putting scents. This line however got none of those. Formulated with long list of additives, the product has comfortable matte finish texture on the lips. Thanks to hydrating fruits and flower extracts, doesn’t cake and fade into patches as you wear them all day.

Photo Source: kidskunst
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6 Trendy And Chic Sports Bra That Also Comfortable Too



When it comes to workouts, it doesn’t take a lot to derail a much-needed sweat sesh. Whether it’s a lack of an acceptable hair tie or the allure of post-work cocktails. Hence, if there’s ever been an excuse to skip the gym, I’ve used it.

(Source: health)

Despite my good intentions, there’s only one thing that motivates me to sweat it out: athleisure—and lots of it. Preferably the kind that can take me from spin class to brunch with ease. Enter Addison Bay: A newly-launched activewear site. Thus, features sports bras, leggings, and other quality gym basics from several brands. Therefore, bridge the gap between fashion-forward and functional.

(Source: health)

The new e-commerce site will help gym-goers can shop bras, bottoms, and bags from dozens of activewear brands. Thus, including Alala, Phat Buddha, Montreal London and more. Prices range from $40-$300, and while Addison Bay doesn’t promise that you’ll actually show up to that yoga class. But, the shop’s selection of high-performance sports bras may be all the gym motivation you need.

Onzie Mudra Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

Pair a statement-making cheetah print bra with a basic black bottom or matching leggings.

Shop at: $58;

With Studio Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

Ideal for everyday activities, this sports bra features supportive cross-back straps, a deep neckline, and sweat-wicking material.

Shop At: $58

Noka’oi Huli Ola Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

Rock this retro, color-blocked bra for more low-impact activities like Pilates or yoga.

Shop At: $135

L’Urv My Reflections Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

An abstract black-and-white print adds interest, while compression fabric helps improve circulation mid-workout.

Shop At: $75

925 Fit Sneak Pick Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

An open-weave back makes this striped bra a perfect fit for low impact, high-sweat workouts.

Shop At: $72

Monreal London Jacquard Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

A racerback lends additional support to this bra, which boasts an unexpected pop of pink.

Shop At: $95

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Fixing Lips Dryness From Matte Lipstick



Despite many brands continue to make claims that their matte lipstick won’t dry out your lips, many women still experience this. From time to time, we, women, must check on the mirror that we don’t have that chapped lips to ensure no imperfection on our lips. Thank goodness there are ways to make sure that our lips would be perfect for matte lipstick.


Matte lipstick tends to highlight even mild dryness on our lips as the lipstick is lacking oil. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your lips are soft and smooth before applying the matte lipstick. if you don’t have a lips exfoliator, just make one easily. Just mix some brown sugar, honey, and olive oil then apply the mixture to your lips. Don’t rub your lips despite the scrubbing name. Then afterward, clean the mixture with a wet cloth.

Photo Source: Youtube

Add Moisture

But not too much as you don’t want to ruin the matte look. So, after you exfoliate, apply your favorite lip balm and let it sit for a few minutes. Afterward, to ensure that the moisture is locked in without ruining the matte look, apply lip primer. Not only to lock in the moisture, lip primer will also makes the lip color more bolder.

Photo Source: RD

Use Lip Liner

Lastly, apply lip liner all over your lips. It will make another barrier from your lips to the lipstick. Lip liner will also help the lipstick to stay in line and nor glide over the line you drew. As the bonus, lip liner will also help your lipstick to last longer.

Photo Source: Loreal Paris USA
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