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4 Hidden Erogenous Zones Unbeknownst To Most That Can Spice Up Your Sex Life



Forget the usual suspect. Like Nipples, lips, inner thighs areas of the body that when touched the right way can make you feel tingly, shivery, and very in the mood for a full-on bedroom session.

What makes them such arousal triggers? The skin here is thinner than on the rest of your body. Hence, there’s a high concentration of nerve endings. Says Sherry A. Ross, MD, ob-gyn, and author of She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Health. Period. Your brain plays a role too. If a previous partner focused their attention on one of these and it felt amazing, your mind holds on to the memory. Most likely feel really good with another partner as well.

But these erogenous zones aren’t the only ones. In fact, all along your body are similar pleasure points you can tap into to turn on your partner. Or have them try out on you. Start with these four little-known sweet spots.

Back of the neck

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Unlike the front of your neck, the back doesn’t get much exposure. Because it’s usually hidden by your hair and remains unseen and untouched. But the few inches of skin from where your hairline ends and your back begins is a crazy easy arousal trigger, says Colorado-based sex therapist and sexologist Jenni Skyler, Ph.D.

A light, gentle touch works best with this erogenous zone. Stand behind your partner and brush your fingers up and down very softly, and then do the same with your mouth, making a trail of kisses. Because they can’t see what’s happening or guess what you’re about to do, there’s an element of surprise that heightens every sensation.

The palm of the hand

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Holding a person’s hand fosters connection and intimacy, says Skyler. But the hands are an overlooked erogenous zone as well—especially the tender. Thus, the nerve-rich center of the palm. Next time you’re feeling frisky, reach for your partner’s hand and gently run the tip of your finger in a circular motion inside the palm. Start in the center and work your way outward. When you feel your partner is aroused and ready, guide their hand to your breast or vulva and have them cup their palm around it, and enjoy the soft sensations.

Behind the ear

(Source: menshealthindia)

Nibbling the earlobe is a standard foreplay move. Next time you’re up for it, pay plenty of attention to the back of the ear too. The skin here is incredibly thin, and like the other body regions that involve your five senses, it’s a hotspot of nerves. “You wouldn’t think of that small space holding erogenous potential, but it’s a place that doesn’t get touched that often,” says Dr. Ross. Try kissing down the back of the ear or running your tongue along it, and wait for the goosebumps to rise all over your partner’s body.

Bottom of the foot

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The feet are a prime tickle spot. But the same nexus of nerves that make this area so ticklish is also the reason it’s a hidden erogenous zone, says Dr. Ross. And according to the principles of reflexology, the soles contain pressure points that correspond to different body areas and can lead to arousal.

Instead of gentle grazing with your fingers, use a firmer touch on the feet. Press all five fingertips against your partner’s soles and use a pulsing motion, or scratch the soles with your fingernails (but not too hard). Rubbing massage oil or lotion against the soles can also feel sensual. And nibbling and kissing your partner’s toes one by one, then blowing warm air over them afterward, will give them that super pleasurable pins and needles feeling

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Should You Buy Sex Toy From The Drugstore?



With so many options for sex toy shopping, it can be difficult to know where to buy your next toy. Mainstream retailers are more accessible for those who live outside metropolitan areas where many sex toy shops exist. Also, they offer competitive prices. But does wide accessibility mean they’re cutting corners on quality? And while feminist boutiques offer a curated shopping experience. Therefore, it can be frustrating to feel like you’re paying a premium for the same item. That you could have scooped up on Amazon.

(Source: reddit)

The truth is, there are pros and cons to both shopping experiences. Also, the right one for you is going to depend on your individual needs. Here are a few scenarios where one set-up might be a better fit than the other.

You’ve Got A Limited Budget—And Even More Limited Time

(Source: cnbc)

Big box stores typically offer a pretty appealing price point, too. “Since major retailers purchase goods in bulk, both the store and the manufacturer can offer quality toys at lower price points than boutique sex stores,” says Jamie Leventhal, president and CEO of Clio Corporate, the company behind Walmart’s in-house sex toy line, plusOne. And those competitive prices potentially mean more opportunities to explore different sorts of stimulation. “Someone could buy our entire range of sex toys for less than $90 at Walmart. Hence, while some vibrators in boutique shops start at $90. Also, if the toy isn’t the right fit for you. Hence, it’s money down the drain,” Leventhal points out.

You’re A Savvy Shopper Who Knows Exactly What You Want

(Source: mustsharenews)

You’ve tried a bunch of products, you know the brands you like, and now you just want to get a good deal. You may find that a big box store stocks the exact same product—say, the lubricant Astroglide—that you’ve been buying from a specialty boutique, but at a much, much lower price. At the end of the day. Thus, Astroglide is Astroglide is Astroglide. Also, the markup associated with buying it at a small shop can start to add up if you’re going through bottle after bottle at a rapid pace.

You’re Worried About Getting Duped

(Source: liverpoolnews)

Most shoppers know that third-party retailers aren’t always totally trustworthy. “On Amazon, sometimes you’ll buy a phone charger, and it’ll say ‘certified,’” says Finn. “And then you go to plug it in your phone and your phone says, ‘This accessory is not supported.’ There’s no guarantee that [a vibrator you buy from Amazon] is going to be the real thing. It could be a dupe.”. Also, once you discover you’ve been tricked. Thus, you’ll have to navigate that seller’s return policy. Hence, which may not be as generous as Amazon’s. Not sure if you can tell the genuine article from a cheapo knock-off? Make your way to a specialty boutique, where everything comes with the store’s guarantee.

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6 Trendy And Chic Sports Bra That Also Comfortable Too



When it comes to workouts, it doesn’t take a lot to derail a much-needed sweat sesh. Whether it’s a lack of an acceptable hair tie or the allure of post-work cocktails. Hence, if there’s ever been an excuse to skip the gym, I’ve used it.

(Source: health)

Despite my good intentions, there’s only one thing that motivates me to sweat it out: athleisure—and lots of it. Preferably the kind that can take me from spin class to brunch with ease. Enter Addison Bay: A newly-launched activewear site. Thus, features sports bras, leggings, and other quality gym basics from several brands. Therefore, bridge the gap between fashion-forward and functional.

(Source: health)

The new e-commerce site will help gym-goers can shop bras, bottoms, and bags from dozens of activewear brands. Thus, including Alala, Phat Buddha, Montreal London and more. Prices range from $40-$300, and while Addison Bay doesn’t promise that you’ll actually show up to that yoga class. But, the shop’s selection of high-performance sports bras may be all the gym motivation you need.

Onzie Mudra Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

Pair a statement-making cheetah print bra with a basic black bottom or matching leggings.

Shop at: $58;

With Studio Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

Ideal for everyday activities, this sports bra features supportive cross-back straps, a deep neckline, and sweat-wicking material.

Shop At: $58

Noka’oi Huli Ola Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

Rock this retro, color-blocked bra for more low-impact activities like Pilates or yoga.

Shop At: $135

L’Urv My Reflections Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

An abstract black-and-white print adds interest, while compression fabric helps improve circulation mid-workout.

Shop At: $75

925 Fit Sneak Pick Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

An open-weave back makes this striped bra a perfect fit for low impact, high-sweat workouts.

Shop At: $72

Monreal London Jacquard Sports Bra

(Source: addisonbay)

A racerback lends additional support to this bra, which boasts an unexpected pop of pink.

Shop At: $95

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Don’t Make This Laundry Cardinal Mistakes Or Your Sports Bra Can Get Ruined



Like a worn-in pair of sneakers or a well-curated playlist, top-notch athleisure is the key to any successful workout. In fact, a sweat sesh is only as good as the quality of your activewear. Hence, especially when it comes to the durability of your sports bra.

(Source: bustle)

But as much as you rely on your go-to sports bra to keep you dry. Also, supported throughout just about any activity. Thus, like Pilates classes and couch-lounging sessions included, you may be sabotaging the lifespan of your most beloved bras.

(Source: health)

It turns out poor laundry habits can wreak havoc on your clothes. And according to Drew Westervelt, founder of hypoallergenic laundry detergent HEX Performance. Hence, the cardinal rule of washing clothes is one that’s regularly broken by even the most adept laundry pros. “Never ever use fabric softener,” he says. “Regular fabric softeners were not made for today’s workout clothes.” The reason for this. Thus, because most workout clothes are now made with synthetics.

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Synthetics is a new type of fabric that’s not well-suited to harsh softeners. Instead, Westervelt suggests ditching your bottle of fabric softener in favor or a fabric booster. Hence, that’s better suited for moisture-wicking synthetics like sports bras.

You Can Use Lingerie Bag Too

(Source: kimbentley)

Another way to ensure your undergarments last well beyond the duration of your gym membership. Hence, to wash them in a mesh lingerie bag. “Sports bras are probably your most durable bras, but they can still use a little care when machine washing,” Westervelt says. Rather than tossing your bras in the wash alongside everyday t-shirts, leggings, and jeans. Therefore, clean sporty delicates in a separate bag on a washing machine’s gentle cycle.

(Source: fleetfeet)

If you’re concerned about inevitable wear and tear, opt for hand washing, and air dry your sports bras when possible. “Unless you plan to wear your sports bra in the 30 minutes after washing, air dry it,” Westervelt says. “Sports bras dry quickly, so just grab it out of the wash and lay flat to dry.”

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