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4 Common Money Problems Between Couple And How To Solve It



Many couples disagree and argue. But there’s a particular subject that tends to be more damaging to relationships than others. Hence, money. A study published in 2013 in the journal Family Relations examined more than 4,500 couples. Therefore, found that fights about money were a top predictor of divorce regardless of income, net worth, and debt levels.

When you’re constantly at each other’s throats about money. Hence, you and your partner lower the satisfaction you get from your relationship. Even in cases when decreased relationship satisfaction doesn’t lead to divorce. Therefore, it can increase your stress levels. Also, have a negative impact on the health and happiness of other members of the family. In addition to your children too. Understanding what you’re fighting about and why you’re fighting about it helps you and your partner come up with a way to work through arguments.

Spending Habits

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Whether it’s you or your partner who’s a shopaholic, a difference in spending habits isn’t something to sweep under the rug. Therefore, Resentment and frustration can grow if one of you feels helpless in the face of the other’s habits. Also, if one feels that the other is spending all your money with no thought for the future. If you and your partner regularly butt heads about the other’s spending habits. Hence there are a few ways you can work through the issue and understand each other better.

Get Everything Out in the Open

Honesty is the best policy in any situation. When you first have the money talk with your partner, break out your bank and credit card statements so each of you can see what the other tends to buy. Before revealing your financial details, promise that you won’t judge each other or make snide comments. Reviewing your spending habits can help you both set goals and find where you need to cut back.

Once you’ve set a budget together, if you slip up and buy a $500 purse or drop $400 on a pair of concert tickets, don’t try to hide it from your partner. Instead, come clean and admit that you overspent on an item.

When you’re honest, you can work together to come up with a solution. You can return the purse if you both agree it strains your finances and is something you simply don’t need. If you can’t get a refund for concert tickets, you can try to sell them on a third-party website, if doing so is legal in your state.

Saving Habits

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Couples don’t only fight about the spending habits of one another. Also, they often disagree about how (and how much) to save as well. For example, some people might be so focused on saving that they’re willing to pass up many life experiences. Hence, from travel to eating out at a restaurant. While others appreciate a little splurge now and then. Also, One half of a couple might be nervous about investing in stocks and wants only to invest in CDs or savings accounts, while the other half can handle a bit of risk.

Create Common Goals

Sitting down with your partner and making a list of goals. Hence, can help you both determine how much to save each month. If neither of you has focused on retirement savings yet, you can jointly decide to put aside 10% of each of your incomes into your own retirement accounts every month.

Along with long-term saving goals, you should set up shorter-term goals. Perhaps your car is on its last legs – if this is the case, you can agree to set aside a small portion of your incomes every month to save up enough to buy a car outright or put a sizable amount down on a car loan. You can also agree to create a joint savings account for vacations or other yearly purchases, such as holiday gifts and other expenses.

Past, Current, or Future Debt

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How much debt each of you brings into a relationship. As well as your attitudes toward tackling it can be a source of strife. As with other financial matters. Therefore, you and your spouse can have different mindsets when it comes to debt. Also, from whether it’s acceptable to carry a credit card balance. Also, to whether you should be in a hurry to pay off your student loan debts. Instead of fighting about debt. Hence, you want to be upfront and honest about your attitudes and your actual debt burden and devise a plan to help you both reduce or eliminate your debts.

Work Together to Pay it Off

When you’re part of a couple. Hence, the other person in the relationship doesn’t automatically assume the responsibility of any debt you bring into the partnership. In fact, any debts you bring into a relationship remain your sole responsibility, even after you get married. That doesn’t mean that you and your partner can’t work together to figure out a debt repayment plan. Thus, what works best for your joint budget. After all, coming up with a joint plan to reduce debt can help you work together to achieve other financial goals, such as qualifying for a mortgage together and purchasing a home.

Come up with a debt payment strategy together. You can decide to tackle any consumer debt first, putting a significant portion of your income toward credit card debt. Once that’s paid off, you can focus on your student loans and other less expensive debts.

If one of you has more debt than the other, try not to resent that person. The important thing is that you are both working together now to pay off the debt so that you can move forward with your financial lives.

Who Earns What

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It’s fairly common for one partner to earn more than the other, and income disparity can lead to fights and feelings of resentment or insecurity. Additionally, one partner can feel inclined to have more of a say over what happens to the money if there is a big difference in income.

Divide Responsibilities

In some cases, a partner who earns less might take on more responsibilities at home to try to close the gap between incomes. A spouse who doesn’t have an income producing job might care for the kids or work to put dinner on the table every night.

However, even if one of you works and the other doesn’t, it’s not fair for any single person to do all the household chores or handle all of the home maintenance issues. A partner who has to care for a home alone, without help or support from a spouse, can start to feel angry and resentful.

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Tips And Tricks For Solo Female Travelers



Is it possible for a woman to travel the world and stay safe? Absolutely. Even if you steer clear of resorts. Even if you go to developing countries. Even if you don’t speak the local language. Even if you’re traveling alone.

But the women who took these trips did so well in part because they prioritized their safety while traveling. What does that mean? Well, this list of travel safety tips for women will give you an idea!

Travel During the Day When Possible

(Source: westernunion)

It is a fact that more incidents happen at night than during the day so, if you are going to be embarking on long journeys, try and travel during the day.

(Source: trip-experiences)

If you do have to take very long journeys, try using trusted transportation and looking for a private cabin or couchette that can be locked. It’s always helpful to plan on arriving at a destination during the daytime.

Fake It Until You Make It

(Source: hostelworld)

Nobody starts out as a wonderfully confident solo traveler. This is something that comes over time as you become more comfortable finding your way by yourself and making your own choices.

(Source: whereintheworldisnina)

However, solo women who look lost or confused can often attract the wrong kind of attention. Try to look confident and walk as though you know where you’re going until you develop your own natural confidence. If you ever do feel uncomfortable, use your best judgment and seek help.

Stay in Touch via Social Media

(Source: hostelworld)

Letting people know where and when you will be traveling is a very good safety blanket. While friends or family at home may be limited in what they can do, leaving a breadcrumb trail of your travels on Facebook or a blog is a great way to reassure everyone that you’re safe and enjoying yourself.

(Source: buckitdream)

As you meet fellow travelers, becoming friends on Facebook is a great way to keep in touch. I’ve met so many people throughout my travels that I still talk to regularly because of it.

Try To Blend In

(Source: somtoseeks)

One of the easiest ways to attract the wrong type of attention is to wear clothing and to carry yourself in a very different way than the local women. Avoiding outfits that scream “TOURIST!” is some pretty obvious advice.

(Source: dangerous-business)

If the country you are visiting has women that dress conservatively, do the same, as this will help you to avoid being singled out as a potentially vulnerable target.

Be Cautious With Your Possessions

(Source: travelandleisure)

Most people these days travel with a camera, a smartphone, and a tablet or laptop. These will all be very attractive items for thieves.

(Source: pamper)

Try and avoid flashing these around and only take them out of your pack when necessary. It is also smart to keep these possessions within your reach at all times, along with key documents such as your passport, visa, and wallet.

It’s Nothing Like Cast Away

(Source: travelearth)

One of the biggest hurdles for those who are thinking about traveling solo to overcome is that it will be lonely. I promise you won’t be painting a face on a volleyball and crying over your friends back home. There may be times when a bump in the road makes you a bit homesick, but remember that travel is a journey.

(Source: travelandleisure)

In fact, traveling solo is one of the BEST ways to meet people abroad. It’s much easier to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger when you don’t have a travel partner. You’ll be more open to meeting new people and you’ll be more approachable.

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It’s Time To Toss These 5 Items From Your Closet



Most people will clean their closet out every few months as the season changes. Swaping our winter clothes with summer ones are the usual chores. But other than that, there is another thing to do that should be on every person’s list. It’s called the donation or throw away list. The list are included a full drawer full of socks and old t-shirts you’ve owned for too long. Parting with these items on regular basis will keep your wardrobe well-organized and full of the freshest items. Plus, not only will this habit leave your overall appearance look perfectly polished, but it will also create more room for your wardrobe.

Mismatched Socks

We all have that one sock that we are not sure where the other pair is. Often times, we are guilty into believing that we will somehow find the other pair and let the mismatched socks sitting there in our drawer. This is a habit that needs to be changed. Instead of letting the one sock sitting useless in the drawer, you can try some DIY crafts with the leftover sock. Google and Youtube are full of DIY ideas you can try.

Photo Source: steemit
Photo Source: wearethought

Dingy White Tees

This happens to all of us. We have that one favorite white t-shirt that we wear on repeat. Unfortunately, as it is with all white t-shirts, the stains are catching up on us. Whether it’s the yellowish stains from our deodorant or a spill from a cup of coffee. Sometimes, the white t-shirt is simply not so-white anymore. Whatever the case is, whenever your white shirt has changed color, it is time to get rid of them from your wardrobe. Next, replace the old ones with a fresh, bright white t-shirt.

Photo Source: dreamworks-gc
Photo Source: today

Heels You Can’t Walk In

Sometimes, you gain weights and your shoes don’t fit anymore. Other times, you find that the heels of your favorite shoes are torn so much, you can’t any longer walk in them. Whatever the reason is, once you find that those heels are no longer comfortable on your feet, it is time to say goodbye. If they are still in good condition, try to donate them. Otherwise, throwing them in the garbage can is a good idea.

Photo Source: oureverdaylife
Photo Source: videoblocks

Jeans That Don’t Fit

Just like any other piece of clothing, jeans can be worn too much and become unwearable. After many cycles in the washing machine, your favorite pair of jeans will, unfortunately, give away. Either the color is diminishing, they shrunk in size, or on contraries, they size up, it’s time to give up the jeans. Freshen your collection by emptying the wardrobe and purchase new, more flattering pairs.

Photo Source: liveabout
Photo Source: ae

Stained Blouse

Similar to your white t-shirt case, there is a big possibility that your favorite blouse will get a stain on them. If what you have is a dark color blouse, you are lucky as they don’t show much. But a light color one is a nightmare once you spilled that soup in the office. Stained blouse, wherever the stain comes from is not worth the trouble of keeping them. Toss them away and replace them with a newer, better one.

Photo Source: huffpost
Photo Source: pinterest
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12 Woman Body Shapes And To Wear According To Your Shapes Part 1



You are what you wear. And what you wear depends on your body shape as well, isn’t it? There is something most of us simply don’t know. That there is a lot of science behind body shape and dressing. When it comes to making a style statement, this could be the most important thing. But hey, there’s more to it.

Wondering what I am talking about? Just keep reading and you will figure out yourself!

Pear Body Shape

(Source: Shutterstock)

If you have large hips and a tiny bust, you have a pear body shape. This type of body is also known as the triangle shape. Your body has a very well-defined shape and shows off those curves well. You have broad hips and your waist section can look beautiful if you dress up the right way. So, let’s help you out choose your outfit!

What To Wear

(Source: everlane)

Wearing bright and beautiful scoop-neck and boat-neck tops. This will make your shoulder look wider. Gorgeous bracelets and accessories should be used to highlight the appearance. Also, wear a pushup bra or a padded bra to make your upper body and lower body look balanced. But you cannot wear all types of cuts and patterns. Here is what you should avoid wearing.

The Straight Body Shape

(Source: shutterstock)

You know you have a straight body type if you have the same measurements for all sections of your body. This body shape is popularly known as the supermodel body. This type is also been called rectangular or ruler body. Since it does not have a well-defined waistline, the body tends to look straight. Here is what you should wear.

What To Wear

(Source: windsor)

Tube tops or dresses would look charming on you. Not only does it suit the shape of your body, but also highlights your features. A nice and snazzy belt along with a tube dress would be a stunner. This will also help you create that slim and sexy hourglass shape you must have desired for. You should wear bright colors, try different textures, and cuts. Great ideas right? Let’s find out what you should avoid wearing.

Apple Body Shape

(Source: Shutterstock)

You know you have an apple body shape if you have a larger bust than the hip section, undefined waist, round shoulders, smaller hip, and slimmer legs and arms. You also tend to put on weight first in the upper body section than the rest. The apple body shape or the Inverted triangle body shape is beautiful and can look gorgeous when you wear the right kind of clothes. Here is what you should wear.

What To Wear

(Source: thewhitesantorini)

Wear soft, textured fabrics, A-line dresses, shirts with a tie below the bust line, tops that fall lower than the hip bone, tops with cuff sleeves, well-fitting clothes, V-necks, scoop tops, ruched t-shirts or shirts in the middle to give more definition to your mid-section, flowy dresses from down your bust line, necklaces that come till your bust and not lower or higher, short dresses, dresses which have darker sides and lighter middle section all the way down, well-defined shouldered blazers, summer jackets, waistcoats, boot-cut jeans, flared bottom jeans, jeans with back pockets to give more definition to your hips, low waist jeans, define your waist by wearing high-waisted shorts, heels, sandals with straps, wedges, and platform shoes. Lot’s of options for you, just avoid wearing the following.

Spoon Body Shape

(Source: shutterstocks)

This one is also quite fascinating and beautiful to look at. Spoon body shape or the pear body shape is characterized by large hips that are bigger than the rest of the body. This creates a nice shape that resembles the number 8. You tend to gain weight in the upper section, especially the stomach region. Love handles are your biggest issue and you tend to easily gain weight in your thighs and arms section whereas your legs and lower arms are worth flaunting. Here is how you can make your body look perfect.

What To Wear

(Source: houseofcb)

Choose clothes that have lighter color in the upper body region but darker in the middle and lower body region, strapless, boat necks, wide necks, short skirts and shorts to show off your great legs, tops with embellishments or patterns that add volume to your bust line, A-line skirts, boot cut jeans or trousers, mid-rise jeans, padded bras, chunky earrings and necklaces, well-defined shouldered jackets, dresses, and tops, well fitted dresses around the waist, bags that come till your hip bone, peep-toes, flats, and ballerina shoes with pointed toes. These are really cool and upbeat options, just take care not to wear the clothes mentioned below.

Hourglass Body Shape

(Source: shutterstock)

Lucky you! Your buttocks and bust lines are very well balanced and the waist is also defined beautifully. Your buttocks are round naturally and your body is in proportion throughout. You have slightly rounded shoulders that align perfectly with your shapely buttocks, and your legs are in proportion with your upper body. Though your figure is the most attractive, you can go wrong if you don’t wear the right clothes. Here is what you should do.

What To Wear

(Source: outfittrends)

Accentuate your waist and wear clothes that show off your perfect curves. Wear broad belts over your shirt or dress, wrap-around tops and skirts, flowy dresses, skirts, well-fitting tops, fitting jackets, tops or dresses with pleated waist, pencil skirts, ¾ skirts with side or back slits, jeggings, boots, strappy sandals, high heels, peep toes, and necklaces that fall till your navel. Though you can look beautiful and hot in any attire, you should avoid wearing the following.

Oval Body Shape

(Source: shutterstock)

If you have a body that is oval in shape, your bust will be larger than the rest of your body. The hips will be narrow and the midsection shall look full. Women with these body shapes tend to gain weight in their stomach before anywhere else. The waist is not very well-defined and ends up being the widest section of the body. The buttocks are flat and legs are slender. Since your legs are the best asset, you should flaunt this the most. Here is what you should wear.

What To Wear

(Source: rag&bone)

Wear square neck, V-neck, and U-neck tops or shirts. You should also wear wrap around tops, skirts, and jackets to slim down your mid-body area, vertical stripes, peplum tops, tunic tops, belted dresses and tops, wide collared jackets, fish-cut or flared skirts, cargo pants with pockets near your hip, empire waisted dresses or tops, dresses or skirts just above your knee to show off your legs and make you look well proportioned, high heels, long and slender earrings, and necklaces that fall till your cleavage. Those are some pretty sexy options you have got there. Just make sure not to wear the clothes mentioned below.

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