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3 Easy Nail Arts For Christmas



With Christmas near the corner, feeling festive and trying to celebrate in all we can do are what we do when we are trying to celebrate Christmas. Especially with Christmas parties’ invitations are accepted, it’s time to look for ideas to beautify yourself. Here are 3 easy nail arts which will make you ready for Christmas.

Christmas Sparkle

First, apply maroon nail polish to all your nails, except the nail on the ring finger. Make your nail art look exceptional by applying golden glitter nail polish on that nail. Second, give your mani some holiday glitz by applying the golden glitter nail polish on the tips of your nails to create an ombre effect. Apply this glitter on your middle finger and thumb. You can also use a makeup sponge to apply the glitter so that it doesn’t look overdone. Third, for the index and little fingers, take a thin nail striper, dip it in white nail paint, and draw two horizontal lines just below the tips of your nails. Lastly, apply a clear top coat to seal the design.

Photo Source: stylecraze

Reindeer Nail Art

First, apply bright red nail polish to all your nails. Then, make a half reindeer head from a brown nail polish to the middle finger. Make sure your red nail polish is all dry to avoid them being mush together. Third, draw the eyes, mouth, and the antlers of the reindeer. Next, apply black nail polish to the outer part of the reindeer’s face. Lastly, apply a clear top coat to smooth the picture over.

Photo Source: cosmopolitan

Green and Gold French Tips

First, paint on two coats of a deep blue-green polish. Second, using a thin striper brush dipped in gold metallic polish, start from one side of your nail and paint a small line along the free edge, stopping halfway across your nail. Third, using the same brush and polish, finish the line by starting from the other side of your nail. Connect the two lines in the middle. Last, finish with a clear, glossy topcoat to seal the edges of the two polishes together.

Photo Source: cosmopolitan

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3 Mistake You Need To Avoid When Wearing Gel Nail Polish



Chipping a perfectly good manicure is one of life’s most annoying frustrations. Since I’m constantly opening packages and typing stories. Hence, wearing gel nail polish has been a saving grace when it comes to preserving my mani. While I love the flexibility a regular manicure provides. Thus, gel polish is so much more durable. Which is why I tend to stretch each manicure for as long as possible.

(Source: simplemost)

Unfortunately, this durability and protection can be rough on your nails and make them weaker and prone to splitting. No one wants that. So there are a few things to keep in mind to maintain the health of your nails. When you’re getting gels. We asked Pulaski, celebrity manicurist Skyy Hadley. And Christy Harpring, co-owner of Sea Salt and Sugar Nail Bar in Savannah, Georgia, to clue us in on gel polish mistakes to avoid.

You’re Not Using Cuticle Oil

(Source: beautyheaven)

According to Hadley, you can assess nail damage based on their flexibility: Normal nails are somewhat flexible, but the harder and sturdier the nail, the more likely it is to break. Since cold weather tends to make skin drier overall, proper cuticle hydration can make a big difference. Additionally, acetone can be extremely drying to the nail bed, causing nails to break or become brittle over time.

You’re Leaving Gel Polish On Too Long

(Source: inforum)

Since gel nail polish can be worn for weeks on end without even the tiniest chip, stretching the life of your manicure is tempting. However, Hadley suggests removing a gel manicure after two to three weeks maximum to avoid damaging nail beds and cuticles. Harpring agrees, adding that overextending gel manicures can not only lead to weakened nails. But, also introduce potentially harmful bacteria. “It is important to remember that once the gel begins to lift, it does allow for moisture to get under the gel and possibly lead to bacterial growth,” explains Harpring.

You’re Getting Gel Manicures Back-To-Back.

(Source: bravotv)

Since removing and applying gel nail polish can cause a lot of wear and tear on your nails, you should space out your manicures. “By getting gel nails every two weeks consistently, the nail plate gets extremely suffocated,” explains Hadley. This can lead to nail dehydration and eventually breakage, so make sure to give your nails downtime between gels. “It’s important to have a professional nail technician assess your nail health between applications to determine if your nails could use a sabbatical from polishes,” explains Harpring.

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Nail Art

Easy Ways To Fix Broken Nails At Home



We’ve all been there. You went to a salon, get a much needed manicur, get back home, and dang! You broke a fingernail. Now, you are faced with options like having an adult temper tantrum or biting the broken finger nail. But don’t worry, to ensure that you have other option than having a tantrum we have asked a nail expert on how to fix a broken nail.

Mend It With Glue

If your nail is only split rather than fully broken, you can mend it with glue. Lightly buff the surface of the nail and apply a coat or two of nail glue. This will temporarily hold the crack until your next professional appointment. After the glue is completely dry, apply a coat or two of clear polish to help hold the crack in place.

Photo Source: Amazon

Use Fake Nails

Sadly sometimes, the broken nail is beyond repair. Then you are faced with the last options, which is to use a fake nail. The fake nail will cover your actual nail until it grown out again and then you can seek professional help.

Photo Source: designsauthority

The Gel and Silk Wrap

If your nail is fully cracked and hanging of your nail bed, you may need to take an intense measure, like gel and silk wrap. Apply a clear gel top coat, stick on a piece of silk wrap, cure the gel, then buff out your nail and apply another gel coat if needed. If you think the above steps are way too complicated, ready to go gel nail strip. They are not only similar, but easier to use as well.

Photo Source: Youtube
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Spring Nail Polish Colors



Spring is about on the corner (okay, not really. But, almost). So, everyone should be getting ready from head to toe. We have given you the shoe trend, fashion trend, and now let’s make it to your itsy bitsy details, the nail polish. Despite there is no such trend as nail polish (might be, but seriously who would listen), we certainly will give you some tips here and there about the appropriate colors for spring.

Classic Red

For spring, why not invest in something bright? Like red, perhaps? The classic bright red is such a magnificent color and it looks good on any skin tone. So, why not start stacking this color?

Photo Source: Youtube

Shimmery Purple

The 2018 Pantone Color of the year might seems too outdated. But hey, who said that trend can’t repeat itself. This kind of purple has an effervescent shimmer that goes well from day to night. So, basically perfect for every occasion.

Photo Source: hessionhairdressing

Robin Egg Blue

Try the subtle robin egg blue that evokes Easter vibes. This particular tone can still act as neutral as it is considered an earthy color. Which means, every skin tone is welcome to try.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Light Blue

Blue is known in the industry to be a transition color into spring. It is perfect for the season. So, ease into the trend by wearing a light blue color that looks like the cloudless sky in the springtime.

Photo Source: Ebay


Magenta color is a good balance for manicure. It is not too pink and not too purple. Nothing can make a woman happier than seeing a blooming pinky shade color for the springtime.

Photo Source: Amazon
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