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10 Hair Color Trends Dominating Mid 2019



We are officially in the middle of the year. Which means, 2019 is not new anymore. Most hair cuts and colors that were trending in the early 2019 are most likely no longer trendy anymore. With Anne Hathaway’s shaggy bob and Camilla Mendes’s shaggy lob, Hollywood has proven that the trend in haircut is changing. And now, a new crop of hair color trend is taking over the Instagram. And spoiler, they are all really good. So, before you go to a hair salon and color your hair whatever color you wanted before, go check the list below.

Living Coral Hair

Living Coral is Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2019. So, it makes sense that the color can be seen everywhere. This shade of coral is way more muted than the classic megawatt color, which looks more natural. The downside of this color is you need to bleach your hair first. Unless, of course, your natural hair is blonde.

Photo Source: metro

Glitch Hair

This trend does look very futuristic. The look combines the colors of the rainbow to make it glitching. If you are not sure with a full-glitch on, ask for multi-colored trend on the underside of your hair to your hair stylist.

Photo Source: dailymotion

Lilac Hair

Lilac color is best described as light purple. This shade starting to gain speed by the end of 2018 but comes in full force recently. Searches for “lilac hair” in Pinterest are up over 1000 percent.

Photo Source: lorealparisusa

Chestnut Brown And Gold Hair

The chestnut color is already a very popular color. But, its trend gets a slight upgrade due to the light highlights. The best part about this color is, it is so easy to maintain. Especially if you are starting with a brown base.

Photo Source: southernliving

Inky Black Hair

No, this isn’t the angsty shade you had during your goth phase in high school. This rich, inky-black is all about the shine. The glossier your hair is, the better it is. Once you have the color, preserving the shade is crucial. So, you better stock up on color-enhancing products.

Photo Source: philadelphiahairsalons

Ash Gray Hair

Ash gray is the best color for those who want a darker in the roots but lighter gray toward the ends.

Photo Source: pinterest

Pastel Pink Hair

It isn’t often that a wearable color hair comes off the runaway. But the pastel hues dotten the Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 runaway may just inspire you to go bold. Models wore all kinds of pastel colors. But it was the soft, cotton-candy pink that stole the show.

Photo Source: pinterest

Baby Blonde Hair

Last year, it was platinum hair that stole the hair color trend. But if you want to switch your platinum hair but doesn’t want to stray away from blonde-ish color, then baby blonde is the right choice. Just make sure to ask your hair stylist to lean toward pale blonde rather than the pure icy to keep it from washing you out.

Photo Source: olready

Chocolate Brown And Copper Hair

This trend is still following the 2018’s obsession with rich, fiery colors. But, the recent trend leans over toward lower-key color. Combining chocolate brown with all over copper highlights.

Photo Source: pinterest

Strawberry Honey Hair

This color is the perfect middle ground between golden blonde and vibrant copper. This creamy shade is the subtle way to dive into a red shade without going straight toward the fire-engine color.

Photo Source: southernliving
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How To Avoid The Awkward Grow-Out Phase Of Your Bangs



Bangs can be cute, I will admit that. But it can be a lot of hard work. Being committed to bangs required so much time. Between the dry shampooing, the blow dry, the trimming, I swear sometimes giving up sounds like the best idea. But the one thing people don’t complain enough yet I find it to be really annoying is the awkward phase of growing out your bangs. The first couple months after your first cut, the bangs will look good. But after that, the bangs will grow uncontrollably and all we can do is try to style them as best as we can. Praying much that our bangs don’t look too weird. But don’t worry. Here I come with five tips on how to avoid that awkward phase when you are growing your bangs.

The Headband

Some people don’t really like this option as they find it to be more hard work than the bangs. But I find a headband to be very helpful. It is very easy and will definitely keep your annoying-length of bangs out of the way. If you are afraid the headband will slip off, try the messy, textured, wavy hairstyle. First, make the loose waves with the curling iron. Afterward, don’t forget to apply some dry texturizing spray to give your waves a light hold.

Photo Source: hairworldmag
Photo Source: allure

Clipped Back

Barrettes are back in town, people! Yes, if you look on Instagram, you will see so many fashion girls wearing barrettes. Even if you don’t think they are fashionable enough, they are very useful in keeping your bangs away from your face. To wear them, first part your hair into two. Then using a fine-tooth comb, slick down your hair, including your bangs for around two inches. Spray some hair spray to keep your hair tidy. Lastly, once your front hair and bangs are smooth and secured, put on hair clips around three inches from the roots and tuck them behind your ears. For the rest of your hair, mist a volumizing spray on your roots and salt spray on the rest of your hair. The idea is to create smooth, silky textures for the front of your hair and bangs part. And wavy, rough textures for the rest of your hair.

Photo Source: teenvogue
Photo Source: refinery29

Braided Roots

This style is especially perfect if you don’t wash your hair every day. To make a braided root, first, apply some dry shampoo to sop up grease and give some extra grit and hold for the braid. Next, grab three inches of hair from above the forehead, including the bangs. Section off a triangular mohawk from your hairline all the way to the crown of your head. Then braid your hair tightly so your bangs don’t pop out. Braid until the crown of your hair then secure with a hair tie. Continue to braid the tail down until the end. To secure the braid, apply some hairspray along.

Photo Source: pinterest
Photo Source: allure

Bobby-Pin Twist

For this hairstyle, all you need is a bunch of colorful bobby pin. First, part your hair into two in the center. Then, twist around an inch of your hair from your hairline, including the bangs. Twist on both sides until you reach above the ears. Secure the twists with some crisscrossed bobby pins. For extra hold, repeat the X pattern of the bobby pins an inch below the previous pins. Lastly, mist some hair spray to keep the bobby pins and the twists in place.

Photo Source: etsy
Photo Source: galoremag

Braided Crown

This hairstyle, in particular, needs a little extra effort compared to some above. First, what you have to do is to make textures for your hair so your bangs won’t pop out from the braid. So, sprinkle some texturing powder on your roots and along the hairline. Then, make a deep side part on your hair. Next, french braid your hair along the hairline, including your bangs up to just right above the ear. Secure the braid with crisscrossed bobby pins. To make sure the bobby pins and the braid stay in place, put a hair clip over the bobby pins.

Photo Source: youtube
Photo Source: etsy
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5 Best Spring Hairstyle That Will Be Trending



With winter is over, we must be thanking the universe that the season of cool temperature and low moisturizer is gone. Now we can say goodbye to dull and brittle hair, hidden under a beanie for four straight months.
Spring with its warmer temperature is the start for a healthier hair. It means new time for a new cut or a new color. In stark contrast to the pure mess our hair has to endure during the winter time, a hairstylist said that the trend for spring time is healthy, shiny strands with fun, cool accessories.

Jewel-Toned Accessories

Statement accessories have been in the hair trend for quite some times. But in this spring 2019, the world will be seeing more of shiny jewel-toned embellishment than ever. Like jewelry for your hair, jeweled pins have become hairstylists and their A-list clients favorite.

Photo Source: abcnews.go
Photo Source: ozbeautyexpert

High Ponytail

This type of hairstyle can be a pain in the ass. But for this spring, grab your Advil as the higher your ponytail, the cooler it’s gonna be. For a celebrity role model, take a look at how Ariana Grande style her hair. If you don’t have the thick volume of hair like the singer, a hair extension might be the answer. To get the sleek look, mist your hair with hairspray before putting it into a ponytail. The grit will keep the band from slipping after you tie it.

Photo Source: andrewhoge
Photo Source: bet

Blunt Cuts

Apparently, celebrities are getting tired of their old, dull, split ends hair. Currently, they are pursuing a fuller and healthier hair. Most have cut their hair short, leaving blunt ends with a soft and loose texture. To get those celebrity looks, cut your hair with lots of choppy layers than going with a super straight edge. To finish the look with a sleek style, spritz your hair with the heat-protectant spray then lightly flat-iron sections to make the end looking sharp and defined.

Photo Source: pinterest
Photo Source: glamour

Oversized Snap Clips

Recently, the trend from the 90s has sort of come back from the grave. The hair world sees a lot of 90s accessories make a comeback, such as claw clips and scrunchies. But this spring, in particular, we will see the resurrection of snap clips. Yes, you read that right. The bigger your snap clips are, the better they are. The difference between nowadays snap clips and the 90s ones is the 2019 snap clips are not used to hold on to bangs only but rather as a bold statement. Which means you can wear them with any style you want.

Photo Source: cosmo
Photo Source: bustle

Short And Mid-Length Cuts

There were times when everyone was spotting long-cut, Rapunzel style hair. But this spring 2019, a lot of celebrities are spotted with a rather shorter hair cut. The primary uno cut being chosen is the one between jawline and collarbone. These lengths make it easier to dress with fashion-forward pieces such as high neckline, ruffles, and detailed collar.

Photo Source: hairdrome
Photo Source: pinterest
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10 Tricks For Growing Really Long Hair



It is the dream if our hair can grow very long in an overnight. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. According to a hairstylist, hair only grow up a quarter inch, mostly a half inch per month. And still, growing a really long hair is only possible if the hair is super healthy and doesn’t have split ends. But, there is a good news. There are ways to speed up the process if you feel that your hair doesn’t grow fast enough.

Trim Your Hair

Surprisingly, in order to grow your hair, scissors are your best friend. even though it sounds counterintuitive, untrimmed hair will lead up to even higher split for your ends. Therefore, an uncut hair is actually shorter than trimmed hair.

Photo Source: goodhousekeeping

Use Conditioner

Over time, things like hair coloring and heat styling will break the strands of your hair and make the ends thinner. To avoid the damages, it’s better to put on conditioner on your hair every time you wash your hair.

Photo Source: youtube

Don’t Shampoo Everday

The purpose of shampoo is to wash away dirt and oil from your hair. The thing is, most shampoos are build with hard chemicals which can strip away your hair’s natural oil.

Photo Source: youtube

Rinse With Cold Water

Washing your hair with cold water will actually help when growing your hair longer and maintaining the health of already long hair. It is because cold water lays down the outer layer of your hair smoothly. Which means prevent moisture loss, snags, and heat damage.

Photo Source: today

Use Hair Mask Weekly

If your hair is shoulder length or longer, it means that it has been two to three years since you grow them. This also means that your hair will need more than a conditioner to help it stay healthy. So, hair mask weekly for extra vitamin.

Photo Source: allure

Consider Hair Growth Supplements

Before, we must remind you that hair supplements are not a miracle cure and should not be taken without consultation with doctor since they are not approved by FDA. But in some cases, your hair might not be getting the nutrients it needs, and there comes the hair supplement.

Photo Source: amazon

Brush Gently

Aggressive brushing can permanently damage your hair. Especially when your hair is wet. Basically, if you hear the sound of the brush crunching through your hair, it means you are being too rough.

Photo Source: videoblocks

Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

If you wake up with matted and tangled hair, your cotton pillowcase might be the culprit. Instead, try using silk or satin pillowcase. They have softer surface which is good for your hair.

Photo Source: sleepinginsilk

Don’t Wrap Your Hair In A Towel

Wrapping your hair in a towel can damage your hair. Your hair will get caught in the woven fabrics and all those tiny strands of your hairline will be pulled out.

Photo Source: nymag

Change Your Hairstyle

Wearing a ponytail or top know everyday can cause breakages in your hair from the constant tension. Frequently changing your pony or bun placement is an easy move that can help strength the hair.

Photo Source: twentytwowords
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